30 July, 2010

Hair Apparent

Now that the weather’s topping 90 and New York is a sweltering mess, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about…Fall deliveries? Ready or not, next season’s goods are starting to hit
stores, like new footwear from Alexander Wang, now in at Opening Ceremony. Nothing says hanging out by the beach like the ponyhair-maned, lug-soled leather Polina boot, right? Buy now if you must—like most accessories √† la Wang, it’s likely to sell out fast—but please, promise us we won’t see these on the streets before September.

Polina boot, $925, available now at www.openingceremony.us

29 July, 2010


Cut it! The latest trend in hairstyle is short! Or at least shortER than before. It’s just me, or

Victoria Beckham set this trend with her short hairdo? And then the bob, of course… even if that’s not in 2007/08 hairstyle trend, the bob remains. Feminine and edgy, makes us feel awesome (and flatirons addicted!). Check out these new hairstyles for Elisha Cuthberg, Eve, Naomi Campbell, Kylie Minogue and give us some feedback : long? Short?

28 July, 2010

Damaged Hair Care To Overcome

Damaged hair can become an obstacle to perform optimally. Because the hair looks dull and looks broken. How do I fix this?

Damaged hair due to the hair cuticle so the hair piece does not become brittle. This causes the hair to be forked and broken.

Damage to the hair can be caused by excessive chemical processes, hair are always contaminated with heater, like a blow dryer and vise. Can also too many chemicals used for hair, such as hairspray.

The best action to overcome the already damaged hair is to cut off the damaged hair. Avoid damage to your hair with hair coloring, or always in contact with the heater hair. Mode only exacerbate hair kedaan.

Diligent treatment hair mask, better yet if you're wearing a homemade mask by mixing avocado and coconut oil. Apply on the hair and let stand for 30 minutes. Hair masks will protect the hair follicle, softens and provides extra moisture to the hair.

Fast Drying Hair

Hair Drying usually takes 15 to 30 minutes. In an emergency, surely you do not have that much time. Here's a simple but effective way to dry your hair quickly.

First, blow-dry your hair gently using a towel. Do this until half-dry your hair.

After a half-dried hair, then let your hair dry by itself. Perform other activities such as dressing, grooming or eating breakfast.

Hair dry naturally is actually better than using a hair dryer. However, dry your hair with natural hair will be difficult to form desired.

Therefore, after you've done other things like apply makeup, go back to dry your hair. This time use a hair dryer to blow hair. In this way, then you only takes about five minutes to dry the hair.

source: www.wolipop.com

25 July, 2010

Hair Color Disasters

What do you do when your hair color ends up a disaster? Can it be fixed at home?
Should I save a few dollars by dying my hair at home by myself?
If you have a hair color disaster, it is from one of two possible scenarios:
You went to a professional stylist or colorist and came out with a hair color disaster.
You were suckered in by advertising and took the risk of coloring your hair by yourself, in your own home.

A common mistake people make is thinking that hair color is foolproof and will turn out like the picture on the box. NO NO NO! Do not believe this!
Hair color is not like paint that can just be removed with paint remover. Nor can it always be painted over.... Like a white wall, sometimes you cannot paint over the mistake with corrective white paint. First, you have to remove the wrong color, which can take a few sessions.
If you want to fix your hair color disaster, prompt action is necessary! Most experts believe you have a 48-72 hour window before the color has a chance to lock into the cuticle. Contact a professional colorist immediately.
Try not to panic and rush to find a solution that might cause even more harm. Many people try to fix their color problems themselves at home and often makes the problem a lot worse and can potentially damage your hair beyond repair.
Avoid the temptation to add more color or try to remove the color at home with bleach or other harsh chemicals.
Hair color is a reflection of light off the colored pigment of the hair shaft. Different colors add or subtract from the hair color giving it various hues and shades.
Hair dye is not like paint. It doesn't just "paint" the color onto the hair. Permanent hair color permanently changes the color pigment in the hair shaft - it does not wash out although certain colors may fade over time.
If you end up with a horrible hair color, it cannot wash out or be reversed. It can, however, be correctively colored back to a color similar to the original color. This should be left to the professionals only and can take a couple of visits!
IMPORTANT - Always do a strand test on a few strands of uncolored hair to get an idea of the color you are ultimately going to obtain. You can do a little bit of mathematical juggling by adding more or less of a particular color to get the desired color. For drastic changes in hair color do get professional help.
Apply the hair color on small, thin sections of hair, bit by bit, 1/2 to 1/4 of an inch in width. This may be awkward to do alone, so get a friend to help.
The ends of long hair are usually more porous than the rest, so apply the color to the middle section of your hair first, about one inch from the scalp down to about two inches from the ends. We do this because the body heat from the scalp causes bleach and hair dyes to develop quicker.
Some temporary fixes for your hair color disaster:
Colored shampoos which can sometimes help soften the bad coloring.
Cut your hair short to minimise the effect of the bad color.
Try to accelerate color fading - hot water is known to fade chemically colored hair, some volume shampoos and gels may help fade color (they are designed to open the hair cuticle which speeds up color loss)
Try using a shampoo mix of 2 oz. of 20 volume peroxide, 1 oz. shampoo and 1 oz. warm water. Stir well and apply starting where your hair color is the darkest. Speed things up by wrapping your head in plastic wrap and sit under a hair dryer. Check the color every 5 minutes til satisfied then shampoo and condition hair as per usual.


24 July, 2010

Mens SHORT Hair Style Pictures


23 July, 2010


When you want to add an extra touch of glamour to a sexy evening dress, or a funky twist to an everyday outfit, try some hair accessories.
Hair accessories include: hair combs, hair clips, jaw clips, hairpiece, hair pins, French pins, hair barrettes, hair sticks, hair magnets, hair snaps, etc. They come in different interesting shapes, like alligator, flower, star, heart, butterfly and so on and decorated with crystals, beads, feathers, and bead in several varieties and combinations.

A headband works with all hair types. The headband is making a fashion comeback in a big way, in all colors, prints, shapes and sizes. The classic way to wear a headband is either with your hair down and tied up in a messy bun. Sweep the band from your forehead to your crown, leaving some of your bangs out. For a preppy look, try a bright plaid band; for a sexier look, wear a thin beaded band.

Scarves worn around the head like a headband, is a look anyone can pull off. It adds color and excitement to any outfit and is a great way to keep hair off your neck or face in the warmer months. Animal prints are hot this year, so why not spice up an outfit with a print scarf!

Make sure the piece is not too big for your hair.
If your hair is short, slide a couple of small diamante pins behind one ear for a subtle yet stylish look.
If your hair is long and fine, pull the top half into a mini-ponytail and tie with a bauble elastic.
If your hair is long and thick, wear it out with a medium-sized flower pinned just behind your ear, or in a bun with a larger flower secured to one side.

Create a catwalk look easily with the half-up, half-down hair do that was a hit at this season's shows. Take a small section of hair from just above each ear and secure at the back of the head with a vintage-style clip.

Barrettes or hair clips are a great way to create a simple, sleek look especially good for really short hair. With the recent explosion of hair accessories, you can find them in any shape or style. Also very popular for holding tiny dreadlocks into place to form a line of hair twists at the top of the crown.

Hair pins or bobby pins are wonderful accent pieces that nestle well into a sleek and sexy version of the French twist. Pins aren't just for grandmothers anymore! They are easy to wear and will turn your simple hairdo into a fun and flirty look. Try wearing three in a row with a side part.

Source: http://www.hairstyle.com/hair-articles/guide-accessories.htm

21 July, 2010

Mysterious healthy shampoo hair in 14 Days

Hair problems are problems that are considered important for most people, especially women. From the results of recent research reveals, 68% of women believed that hair branching is the main problem. While 65% of women concerned with hair loss and damaged hair, dull and unruly is the main problem for 59% of women.

"Style of life and everyday activities can become a trigger hair problems. As he often did blow, rebonding, perming and coloring," said a professional hair stylist, Alfons, when found in the '14 event Transformation by Alfons Hair Days', at Grand Indonesian , Jakarta, Monday, July 19, 2010.

Damaged and unruly hair usually occurs due care and hair products from chemicals. To overcome this, much the way the hair to restore luster. But according to Alfons, the solution does not need to bother. "With easy maintenance, ie washing your hair regularly with the right product can also be a good way to restore strength and health of the hair."

To prove it, you can feel the sensation of a free shampoo, commenced on 19 July - August 1, 2010 starting at 09:00 to 19:00 pm at West Mall, Ground Level, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. Using a shampoo that has been attempted by 150 million people in 40 countries, you can feel the change in hair within 14 days.

"We will not mention what shampoo we use before date of August 2. But, we believe, damage the natural hair that you can experience the improvement until 14 days trial, "he assured.

Therefore, if you're interested in doing a free shampoo with shampoo mysterious, please try and feel the sensation.

20 July, 2010

Found, Curly Hair Causes

Trichohyalin has long been known as a gene that has several roles in the development of hair follicles. Australian scientists succeeded in identifying genes that affect human curly hair.

Researchers at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) found Trichohyalin is a major gene that creates curls. Their study appears in the latest edition of American Journal of Human Genetics.

Head of QIMR Genetic Epidemiology Laboratory and co-author of the study, Professor Nick Martin said that the variations in these genes determine the level of straightness or curliness hair.

A previous study in Japan, have found genetic variation for straight thick hair that is dominant in the Asian population.

Differences in the distribution and the FGFR2 gene have been identified years ago and believed to be part of the evolution of the Asian population following their divergence from European prehistory.

Martin and his colleague Dr Sarah Medland trying to find the same variations that cause curly hair of people of European descent. It is known that 45% of European people have straight hair, wavy hair 40% and 15% have curly hair. They also found that as many as 90% possibility of inherited trait.

In recent work, researchers at QIMR laboratories analyze data collected from a study of 5000 twins in Australia for more than 30 years.

"We have a huge amount of information about a variety of properties," says Martin.

People are asking whether the twins before their hair straight, wavy or curly. Then try to match lab report with a single nucleotide polymorphism 2.5 million (SNP) that have been mapped on their genetisme.

"This is a gene that has been known for more than 20 years and has been involved in the production of hair. Gene that has been long in his blanket around hair follicles," says Martin


19 July, 2010

How Times Change Your Hair Style Year

Not be an exaggeration if one says Hair is the crown of women. A survey in England revealed that the appearance of hair, which manifested itself from the discount and the order, to be one attraction that many women preferred men.

The survey also revealed, during her life she did change her hair style with an average of 104 times. In the age range 13 to 65 years, they made some changes in hair styles such as layering, shorten, to paint, at least twice a year.

As quoted from the page of the Times of India, a survey conducted on 3000 women of various age ranges. As many as 44 percent said they need to make changes in hair style out of boredom. As many as 61 percent said, "Just wanted a change."

As many as 25 percent of participants said it was necessary to go to the hairdresser because he wanted to 'reinvent' themselves. As many as 38 percent want to increase confidence. While 17 percent admitted to trick after finding more and more gray hairs on his head.

"Women are always using their hair as a way to change the look, the hair are regarded to have a big impact visually," says Collinge, hairdresser Andrew Collinge, who led the survey.

Collinge says, although the majority of women often make changes in hair style, however, rarely did so in the extreme. "They usually only add modern texture without changing the length, or do different techniques of drying and styling as is often done Jennifer Aniston," he said.

In general, the main reason that makes women like to experiment with hair appearance is due to boredom. However, some are changing hairstyles of a broken heart, or to mark a new phase of life

Source: kosmo.vivanews.com

18 July, 2010

In order for hair No Damage After Swimming

After a good swim in the pool or at sea, straight hair definitely feels rough. High content of salt and chlorine indeed make hair dry. Hair will look dull and could be broken.
To avoid this there are three ways you can do.

1. Wet Hair
Before entering into the pool or play in the ocean, wet your hair first. If you are using a swim cap, wet the hair with regular water and then use a leave-in conditioner before the cap. That's because wet hair will not absorb as much chlorine as they dry hair.

2. Wash immediately
Chlorine is a kind of poison. The longer you let the chlorine attached to the hair, eat the damage will worsen. Sea salt also has the same effect if they are left stuck in the hair long. To rinse your hair immediately after swimming. If you have not had time to clean with shampoo, at least rinse with water.

3. Chlorine cleanser shampoo
To clean the hair from chlorine use a special shampoo. That's because the shampoo was not able to clean the chlorine used optimally. You can get them at special shops that sell hair and beauty treatments.

Source: kosmo.vivanews.com

12 July, 2010

How to Make Hair Dry Become Shiny

Dry hair looks dull and unattractive. There are several natural ingredients and simple ways that can be done to make more healthy and shiny hair.

One of the most effective way to make it look more shiny hair dry is diligently doing hair mask with natural ingredients. This will help get the nutrients to make hair more lustrous hair.

Prepare 1-2 cups milk, 1 egg, 1 point avocado and 2 tablespoons olive oil. Then mix all ingredients together in blender.

Rub thoroughly into the hair. Massage the scalp for several minutes. Then wrap the hair with warm towel, let stand 20-30 minutes.

After that, wash your hair until clean using a shampoo and use conditioner. By diligently doing this treatment once a week, guaranteed to be more shiny hair.

10 July, 2010

Is A Hair Extension A Good Idea For You?

Are you considering getting a hair extension but can't decide if this is a good idea for you or not? Then you need to understand more about these extensions to help you make the smart choice for you.

There are many people that want long hair but don't want to wait for it to grow out. With the help of extensions anyone can now have long hair within a very short period of time. They are safe for anyone to get the long hair that you desire.

You can keep the extensions in for a while but make sure you properly maintain them and have them checked or redone by a professional stylist whenever it is needed. You can also only wear them for a few days if that is what you want them for.

That is one big plus with many people because they can have the long hair that they want for as long as they want but when they get tired of it the extensions are very easy to have removed so you can go back to your shorter hair style.

The extensions will last for around five months before you need to see your stylist again but you have to be sure you take very good care of your hair and the extensions during that time or they will need to be redone sooner than that.

There are two different types of extensions that you need to be aware of. You can easily get either one of these in your hair but it is important to understand the different between them before deciding which type would be the best for you to get added to your hair.

Here are the two different types of extensions that are available these days.

1. Synthetic extensions - This has a different texture than the next type does but it still looks just as natural with your own hair as the other type. Plus this type is cheaper to get put into your hair.

2. Human hair extensions - These are higher in price but definitely look and feel more natural once they are in. This type is in high demand these days so be prepared to pay some money for this type.

Now that you understand more about hair extensions you will have a much easier time deciding if they are right for you or not. Take your time making your decision because it is a big decision to make and be sure to talk to a professional stylist to help you make the smartest choice possible for you.

09 July, 2010

How Can You Ensure You Get The Hair Styling That Suits You The Most?

Women everywhere want to always look their best and one of the ways they achieve that is by choosing the best hair styling for them in particular. No woman wants to walk around with a hair style that is completely wrong for them.

Trying to find the right style for your hair is not always easy to do. There are some important things that you can do to help you be sure that you are choosing the best hair style for you in particular.

Here are the important things that can be done so that you know the hair style you choose will help you look your best and be suitable for you as an individual.

1. Look at hair style examples - Everywhere you look these days you can see examples of different hair styles. Look at as many examples as you can and make note of the styles that you like.

Make a small list of the styles that you like and talk to a hair stylist about them. By having more than one style you can ensure that at least one of them will be right for you in particular.

2. Talk to a hair stylist - Always talk to a stylist about everything you want to know about hair styles. The stylist has a lot of information about the different styles that will make it easier for them to help you find the style that best suits you in particular.

3. Be realistic - When choosing a hair style you have to be realistic about your lifestyle and hair grooming habits. If you don't have a lot of time to spend on your hair each day then you won't want to get a style that is high maintenance.

Always take this into consideration and talk to a stylist about it because they can help you decide on the best style for your lifestyle and grooming habits.

4. Know your face shape - The face of your shape is important to know when choosing a style for your hair because not all styles will look good on all face shapes. For example: A style that might look good on someone with a more square face may be completely wrong for someone that has a rounder face.

Your hair stylist can help you determine the shape of your face. You can also go online and do a little research into this to help you figure out your face shape easily.

Now that you know the important things to do to ensure that you get the hair styling that suits you the best; all that remains is to get started. Take your time and be sure of the style you are choosing before having it done by the stylist because it can't be easily changed.

08 July, 2010

How To Find The Right Female Hair Loss Treatment

No one likes losing their hair, especially women. Most people think of men when you think of hair loss, but women do suffer from losing hair too.

It can be difficult for a woman to go through losing her hair and do something to treat the condition is important. This article will tell you how to find the right female hair loss treatment!

The first thing you must do is understand why you are losing your hair in the first place. When you know why you are losing your hair it is easier to do this. Many medical conditions are some of the leading causes of loss of hair in women.

You need to go to your doctor and talk to them about your problem. In some cases you may have a greater undiagnosed medical condition such as Diabetes that is causing you to lose your hair. So you can begin treating the problem going to your doctor will help you better understand why you are losing your hair.

While talking to your doctor you should ask them if the prescription medicine you are taking could be causing the loss of hair. Some of the side effects of prescription medicine cause this. Your doctor or pharmacist can tell you if the medicine you are taking could be causing you to lose hair.

Next, you need to understand the two major types of hair loss in women. The first is androgenetic alopecia. This is a genetic condition where the hormone dihydrotestosterone is causing hair follicles to shrink and hair stops growing on them. The second is alopecia areata. This is an immune disease that affects many women around the world.

Now, what are your treatment options? If you suffer from androgenetic alopecia it is best to talk to your doctor and they can recommend prescription medicine that will help. Because there are a variety of different medical options and variables like age and the extent of your loss come in to play if you suffer from alopecia areata you need to talk to your doctor.

You may not even need to treat it at all. Pregnancy, surgery, and stress can cause temporary loss of hair in women and will usually reverse themselves over time. It does not matter what you are suffering from or what treatment you need, going to your doctor is the best thing you can do!

Losing hair can be embarrassing for many people, especially women. Follow the information provide in this article on how to find the female hair loss treatment that is right for you and you can be on your way to treating it in no time!

07 July, 2010

Transition to Natural Hair Without Cutting Your Relaxed Hair

Do you want to transition to natural hair, but not comfortable with cutting off the relaxed strands right away? Are you concerned with your hair breaking off during the transition period? Rest assured it is very possible to go through the transition process without experiencing tons of breakage. To clarify though, you will experience some breakage. However, it can be minimized with proper care and healthy hair care practices.

First, you must decide that going the natural route is right for you. It's going to take a lot of commitment to travel down this road of many stumbling blocks. Although, you may get weary some times throughout the process, you will also experience fun and a sense of freedom. This is possible, because you will start to realize as you experiment with different products and transition hair styles, that your natural tresses are versatile!

Secondly, you need to be prepared for the breakage. The breakage will happen at the demarcation line (which is the point at which your new growth/natural hair meets the relaxed hair). It is imperative that the demarcation line stays moisturized. This softens the new growth, allows for easier handling, and mitigates the risk of breakage. It is equally critical (especially if you have thin fine hair) to integrate protein treatments. These hair treatments strengthen your mane and provide a safeguard against damage. A major protein treatment can be done every 6 weeks and a mild treatment such as utilizing a re-constructor can be done once a week. Always remember that with protein you must follow up with a moisturizing conditioner.

Until you are ready for the "big chop" or going totally natural here are some ways to transition without cutting off all of the relaxed ends at one time:

· Choose hair styles that will serve as a protective regimen, blend both the natural and straight textures, and provide low manipulation. Some examples are roller sets, straw sets, flat twists, two strand twists, cornrows, sew in weaves, etc.

· Dust the ends or do really small trims throughout transitioning. This helps to keep split ends at a minimal, keeps the tangles at bay, and gives and overall cleaner look.

· Use direct heat (blow dryers, curling irons, pressing combs, flat irons, etc.) sparingly. Frequent usage of direct heat causes the hair to become dry, contributing to breakage. Additionally, it can also cause heat damage to the non-relaxed hair.

· Develop a regimen that includes shampoo, deep condition (light or heavy protein), moisturizing conditioner, and a leave in conditioner.

The key is in treating your strands like fine silk with proper care and attention. You will see that transitioning to natural isn't so bad. Plus, when you actually do get rid of all the relaxed ends, you will see that your natural hair is a nice length!

I am an African American woman who started a website http://thinhaircangrow.com for the purpose of teaching women about healthy hair care practices for thin and fine hair. I have learned so much on my healthy hair journey and want to share it with as many women as possible.

Famous Hair Accessories - The Women Inventors Behind Them

Remember the TopsyTail(TM)? How could you forget? The best-selling hair accessory in history had a ubiquitous infomercial in the 1990's that set the standard for other fashion accessory products to follow. TopsyTail(TM) sold over $100 million in a short period of time. Meanwhile, other successful products Hairdini(TM), Whirl-a-Style(TM) and FanTail(TM) have enjoyed longer market longevity, and evolving product lines. All products were invented by women, who got into the business for different reasons in unique ways.

FanTail(TM)- consistently a best seller at Ulta stores for over five years.

For Sandra Lunde, the inventor of the FanTail(TM) (which inserts in the hair to make a spiky ponytail), an actual dream about inventing something for the hair was the epiphany she needed to get into the business. "The dream was so real that I knew I just had to invent something and make it come true", Sandra recalls. She always enjoyed doing hair as a child, and even did her mother's hair, while dreaming of a future as a hairstylist. She notes that she would have gone into another creative field, such as graphic or interior design, had she not done this. She was quite the fashionista as well, reading beauty magazines and shopping for the latest trends in clothing. She has long, straight hair that, while plain when worn down, works well with her FanTail(TM) product, especially during the summers.

She attributes "perseverance, a positive attitude and wanting to succeed" as personal traits that led to her success. She invested her own money in the product, and while she got frustrated at times, "kept going" no matter what. The inspiration for the product's circular pronged shape came during a night of ordering in- "We got a pizza to go and there was a plastic thing inside the box, it was to hold the box from sticking to the pizza...and from that I got a basic shape for my product. Kind of weird I know!" Had she done anything differently, she would have tried to get a licensing agreement with an outside company for her first product, Clip-N-Lift, and collect royalties, instead of making and marketing the product herself. With the FanTail(TM) she got it right, and decided to go with a licensing agreement through Accessory Brainstorms. She tells future inventors to "believe that you can do anything and never give up!"

TopsyTail(TM) - dominated the marketplace from 1991-93, selling over $100 million.

Tomima Edmark, the inventor of TopsyTail(TM) (which turns a ponytail inside out to make interesting hairdos), simply put, wanted to be her own boss. She had climbed as high as she could and reached the glass ceiling at IBM, but tired of working for other people. She was interested in hair out of necessity; she had always had long hair and "was always looking for quick solutions". Fashion was always in her mind growing up, and she "always wanted to be a fashion designer or do something artsy-creative. I designed a hanger to hold clothing matched with accessories that came with instructions on how to make four or five outfits out of the things held by the hanger. With my surge machine I made matching placemats and napkins for football, soccer and baseball teams". While she didn't consider herself a fashionista in the traditional sense, she remembers "I certainly had my own strange sense of fashion. While other kids were wearing sloppy, grungy clothes in Seattle, I made my own clothes, many of them in batik, macramé, crocheted or knitted. And I had 20 different hats!" She's still not a heavy shopper, but prefers spicing up classics with accessories- "they make your clothing trendy", she notes She funded and reinvested in TopsyTail(TM) herself.

The inspiration for the product design came from a circular knitting needle, which she one day discovered she could create hairstyles with. She gave it an ergonomic handle shaped like a toothbrush, and chose the color red because "you will always see it in a drawer". She still uses her TopsyTail(TM) daily to create dozens of different hairdos. Life after TopsyTail(TM) wasn't perfect- "hair jewelry for the TopsyTail(TM), the Bowrette and the Halo Hat all broke even but were essentially failures", she laments. She reminds inventors that "95% of the game is showing up! I research and test carefully, then I go for it. Most people give up. I suggest not to over think, when you believe in it, stick with it. Assume that you will have to be responsible for everything yourself". The only thing she would have done differently with TopsyTail(TM) is being more on guard about "knock-offs" and suing the retailers who carried them as opposed to the manufacturers, because retailers would have removed the copies from the stores fast. Ever the entrepreneur, had she not developed TopsyTail(TM), she would have done exactly what she's doing now- developing and running an online business, in this case, herroom.com, one of the first sites for women's intimate apparel. She selected intimate apparel because it is something everyone needs, creates a lot of reorders and can't become obsolete.

Whirl-a-Style(TM)- 1994 to present. By 1997 selling 20,000 units a month to Claire's Boutiques.

Lois Sonstegard, inventor of the Whirl-a-Bun(TM)/Whirl-a-Style(TM)(makes buns and up-dos by wrapping hair with a snap-lock feature) had a PhD in hospital finance and management, and was content working in the healthcare business- until her son was born with a severe disability that would require her to have more time at home to help him. She moved into the bed and bath business, designing for major department stores. She never had intentions of getting into the hair business- "the idea I developed just happened to work for hair". Randomly, she was leaving a factory with too much stuff to carry (scraps that her environmental consciousness would not allow her to throw away), and was handed a plastic handle, when the revelation came- "creating handles to carry the bags of stuff was no different than managing hair and organizing it in a fashionable way. With that thought, I was off and running". Although she wanted to be a nurse as a kid, she "understood fashion early, out of necessity. By age 12 I was over 6 feet tall and had outgrown ready to wear clothing, so I began sewing my own clothes. That led me to making my own fashion and designs. From that I think there grows an interest in how you put yourself together and hair becomes a natural part of that." She thinks her "strength is in finding unusual solutions to problems".

On success- and failure, she comments that "starting a business from the beginning keeps me forever humble because it never exactly does what I think it should do or what others think it should do. I have had my ups and downs with developing markets---that means I get often stretched beyond my liking. Marketing is an area I have had to teach myself". Tenacity has been the key to her success. "I think working with my son taught me that if one approach didn't work, I just needed to go down another street and look some more. There was no giving up with him and I have brought that same persistent energy to this business". She used her own money to launch the product, lamenting that "an untried idea is not interesting to investors". She came close to giving up on the product many, many times, but "then something would happen I would realize there was an untried path and I would go check it out." Strokes of luck and good timing didn't hurt either. She credits meeting the owner of Accessory Brainstorms at a trade show in Las Vegas (an important business relationship for her) with her being able to get the product into Claire's stores, with their assistance. She tells future inventors to "get some one who will mentor you. Everyone needs help and good advice."

Hairdini(TM)- 1992 to present. By 1994 grossing over $1 million a year.

Denie Schach, the inventor of Hairdini(TM) (a peanut-shaped, bendable hair tool that creates dozens of up-do styles), was always into hair. Since the age of 15, she did the hair of everyone from her mother to prom attendees. She even received a scholarship to go to beauty school. She loved recreating what she saw in fashion magazines and on TV. She had thought about becoming an actress, dancer or fashion designer. As far as being a fashionista, she says "I did get into magazines and love fashion, however money was very tight and I was an immigrant child at a catholic school - my dad a janitor. I had to be very creative to stay fashionable. This led to sewing my own cloths which was the key to my latter development in designing the Hairdini(TM).

The road to success was not perfectly paved- she recalls making misjudgments in people's character in both her personal and business life. Certain products failed, yet they lead the way for better products to be developed, and so she doesn't see them as failures. She credits persistence, moving forward and believing in the products for her success. Also not losing sight of her goal of becoming that artist/inventor she had always wanted to be. I felt an obligation to the consumer which led to me pioneering the instructional videotape in products. I worked on it daily if only for an hour- it all added up to the finished result. Listening to the experience of other people that had more knowledge than I did and seeking advice. I also have a good disposition and seldom get down. Being a healthy person is the real key." She launched the company with angel investors. The company was under-invested, which led to some major business mistakes. She came so close to giving up at times that she " threw the product in the garbage because it would not sew properly. Manufacturing seemed hopeless. I took a break from the idea for about six months". Denie feels timing was critical for her product, as infomercial marketing was just taking off at the time, and the product probably wouldn't have had sold as much without one. Had she done things differently, she would have gotten more launch money and worked with people with more experience and integrity than she did. Denie advises future inventors to make sure their "products are things the majority of people would find useful and to price it accordingly. Do not buy inventory until you know you have a market. Have a marketing plan. Do not let it monopolize your life. Persist, persevere. Be open to change".

In conclusion, there are valuable lessons to be learned from these diverse women of hair accessory fame. Persistence seems to be the name of the game, but following your dreams is only so good as your business plan and the people you choose to work with. Childhoods full of creative pursuits gave these women a platform on which to build their visions. Product designs spawned out of simple everyday items- a knitting needle, a pizza holder, a curler, a handle, went on to be the answer for millions of women to that age old question- "what do I do with my hair today?!"

Joan Lefkowitz, an original marketer of TopsyTail™ tm, is president of ACCESSORY BRAINSTORMS, NYC, a licensing, marketing and sales representation agency and consultancy for Fashion/Beauty Accessory and Lifestyle Inventions. Accessory Brainstorms is always looking for inventions in these categories, and offers one-on-one consulting for inventors who need guidance. ACCESSORIES Magazine awarded Joan for the "Most Inventive Products" and also cited her as one of the 100 most important accessories industry "Movers and Shakers". http://www.accessorybrainstorms.com

06 July, 2010

The Best Hair Loss Treatments Are All Natural Products

Few things knock a man's self esteem back like going bald. When you begin noticing the telltale signs of thinning hair, it may seem as though it's already too late to do much about it. Nothing could be further from the truth, though. In fact, you can certainly fight back against going bald by investigating and searching for the best hair loss treatment. Doing that is easier said than done, but with patience and willingness to try new things you can undoubtedly find the thing that's right for you. The quickest way to get there is by trying a product that's working wonders for many men: natural hair loss treatments.

Regain Your Hair - And Your Self Esteem
There's no question about it: many men consider their hair to be an important part of their self image and self esteem. When it starts falling out, men can feel their youth slipping through their fingers. If you feel like this, don't despair. You just need to track down the best hair loss treatment, which many men have already determined to be the type that are all natural. Without a prescription or any negative side effects, they can go to work for you by putting your male pattern baldness to an end once and for all.

No Cure For Baldness

Despite years of study, there has never been any proof or sign of a cure for baldness. That doesn't mean there isn't hope, though. Natural supplements are the best hair loss treatment precisely because it is based on the latest scientific research. Their oral supplement goes after the 5AR enzyme, a huge part of what causes an increase in the levels of DHT, or dihydrotestosterone. If you've done any research at all, then you know that DHT is the culprit behind male pattern baldness. They really are the best treatment for the loss of hair and you should order it right away.

Get On Board With Best Hair Loss Treatment

Trying to find the best hair loss treatment can be tedious. It can also cost you hundreds - or even thousands - of dollars and waste a lot of your precious time. Don't spend another second or dollar on your quest for the best hair loss treatment. Cut to the chase and order Procerin today. Within a very short period of time, you'll begin noticing the amazing benefits. The self confidence that you'd waved goodbye to when your hair started thinning will return with a vengeance, after all. For more information on Procerin and how it can help you, visit www.procerin.com.

How to Stop Hair Loss Naturally - This is How to Treat Hair Loss in Men & Women the Natural Way!

Hair loss is a very common problem. Many people suffer from this condition, which can have a very negative emotional outcome and create anxiety and stress, both in men and women.
But, what are its causes?

Heredity and hormonal imbalances: The levels of the hormone testosterone in the body seem to be responsible for this problem.
Age: As we get older, our glands shrink and produce thinner and shorter hair.
Pregnancy: Some women experience these symptoms during pregnancy because of hormonal imbalances.
Illness or excessive stress: Sometimes the problem appears due to illness, severe stress, extreme weight loss and iron deficiency. Also those who suffer from thyroid disorders are likely to suffer from this condition.
Season of the year: We lose more hair during the months of November and December.
Bad habits: Compulsive hair pulling and wearing pigtails or using tight rollers can cause a condition called traction alopecia. This condition is reversible only if the pulling is stopped before scarring of the scalp develops, but after that the results are permanent. You also need to avoid using hot oil treatments or chemicals, because they can lead to inflammation.
Diet: Baldness may be caused by poor nutrition. Usually, iron deficiency can lead to this condition and for this reason you should check the iron levels in your body and take a supplement, if necessary.
So, how can I reverse baldness naturally?

Your diet seems to be a very important factor. Studies show that baldness and the quality of the food we eat are inextricably linked and that people who do not eat enough of certain nutrients tend to lose their hair at a faster rate than others. Malnutrition and rapid weight loss are two situations where the insufficient intake of vitamins can trigger baldness. What is more, chronic low water intake is associated with poor health and with an increased risk of baldness.

The most important nutrients for hair health are vitamins A, C and E, copper and zinc, iron and folic acid:

Vitamin A is essential for the good health of the epithelium. It is found in meat, fish, carrots, green leafy vegetables, pumpkins, apricots and peaches.
Vitamin C is essential for the synthesis of collagen and has an antioxidant action. Fruits (especially citrus) and vegetables (celery, peppers, carrots) are good sources of vitamin C.
Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals and is found in vegetable oils, nuts, eggs and some cereals.
Copper and zinc are useful in protein synthesis. Foods rich in zinc are seafood and mushrooms. Copper is found in many legumes and in dark chocolate.
Iron is a vital element for healthy hair. Dietary sources of iron are liver and red meat and also spinach and lentils.
Folic acid holds a key role in the replication of cells including those of the hair. Foods rich in folic acid are red meat, beans, cabbage and lettuce.

Hair Loss Solutions That Really Work For Anyone

Are you losing your hair and want to find a solution to this problem? Then you are not alone because there are many people that are looking for hair loss solutions. There are many of them available you just need to know what the most effective ones are.

Below are some of the most effective solutions that are available for anyone these days to help you combat hair loss.

One: Proper diet - This is very important to preventing further hair loss. You need to eat a healthy diet every day that includes foods that are rich in fiber, protein and vitamin C. All of these things will help to lessen your hair loss.

Two: Laser therapy - This is the process where a low level amount of laser will be applied to your scalp in order to help stimulate and start the re-growth of healthy hair. This is a more expensive option but it can be very effective for many people.

Three: Special comb - There is a special comb available for people that experience hair loss. You use the comb just like you would any other one but this one is special because it will massage your scalp and this will help more blood and nutrient circulation on your scalp that will eventually spread the right nutrients to your hair to start your hair growing strong again.

Four: Aloe Vera plant - The stems from this plant can give your hair the proper nutrients and make it possible for new hair to re-grow and replace the hair you have lost.

Five: Right shampoos and conditioners - You have to pay attention to the shampoo and conditioner brands you use. It is important to find ones that are effective for people with hair loss. With a little bit of research you can find the brand that works the most effectively for your particular type of hair loss.

Six: Hair replacement surgery - This is a more expensive option but it is also a longer lasting solution. Be sure to check into this option thoroughly before deciding to use it for your solution to hair loss so you can make sure it is the best solution for you.

Now that you know what these effective hair loss solutions are the only thing left to do is to decide which one would be your best option.

Be sure to take your time making your choice and know that you may have to try more than one of these solutions before you find the one that works the best for your particular hair loss. Don't give up hope because there is help available for anyone to combat hair loss.

Pretty Hair Accessories - Make Them Even Prettier

Change the look of any hair accessory by simply adding some pretty silk flowers. These make such a cute addition to any outfit.

This technique is a great cost effective idea for a hair piece for any special event. You can turn a simply head band or hair scrunchy into a beautiful head piece. These would be ideal for the bride to be and her brides maid, for the prom, or to coordinate with any outfit. Little girls look so sweet with pretty flowers in their hair.

Any hair band, pony tail band or barrette can be used. Both hair accessories and silk flowers can be purchased at your local $1 store or local discount store for a minimal price. You may also want to purchase a bag of jewel embellishments or pretty beads, also found in the same stores.

When choosing your hair pieces and silk flowers, it's best to make sure they coordinate with each other. I find smaller flowers work best for head bands.

This project can be assembled by simple hand stitching or using a hot glue gun. Start by taking the silk flowers apart. Lay out all the pieces you are going to use, discard any stem pieces. If you are using layered flowers, you way want to reassemble them and glue or stitch them together, prior to attaching them to your hair piece.

To attach the flowers to the hair piece, you simply glue or hand stitch it into place. Make sure you stretch the band a little as you go, so it will still have elasticity. For a nice added embellishment, you can add jewels or pretty beads to the centers of the flowers. To adhere flowers to barrette's, you simple glue them on, adding any other embellishments you like. These are so easy and fun to make. There are so many possibilities. You can make these using one color and type of flower or mix it up with different flowers and colors. The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination.

Supplies Needed:

Hair bands, scrunchies, barrette's, etc.
Silk flowers
Jewels or beads for embellishing
Hot glue gun or needle and thread
Glue sticks (if using glue gun)

05 July, 2010

Kiyoseki Hair Styler - One For All Hair Styler

Kiyoseki Hair Styler is your home solution to achieve beautiful professional style hair. The Kiyoseki Styler provides 3 in 1 capabilities in one. The hair styler can be used as a hair straightener, volumizer and curling iron.
Kiyoseki Styler has features special blend ceramic plates that are produced from the fusion of Tourmaline and Kiyoseki minerals. They are designed to regulate controlled heat and ions to produce completely manageable hair.

The fusion of these minerals that are used in the plates has a single important purpose, it is to bathe your hair in shine producing ions. So you don't have to go to salon anymore to perform with this celebrity style hair look. The plates of Kiyoseki Hair Styler distribute the heat evenly, thus styling your hair from inside out.

Kiyoseki Styler has a variable digital temperature control, so you can set it easily to the right temperature of your desire. Plus it heats up in seconds and will continue to maintain its temperature during usage.

Besides the rich features, Kiyoseki Hair Styler is very convenient to use. It has ultra light, an extra long tangle-free 10 feet swivel cord, and a slip-free grip.

There are many styles for different occasions, there are times when you want to have straight hair, but other times you want to change a little bit by wearing your hair in curls. And other occasions, you want to volumize your hair. You can do all these stylings using only one hair styler wand, that is Kiyoseki Hair Styler. Other products may only have one function for each of them so often you need to spend extra money to buy a hair straightener, volumizer, or a curling iron.

So with Kiyoseki Styler now you can save money and space on your hair dresser.

The Kiyoseki Styler harness the power of natural ionic capabilities of Tourmaline, combined with a very rare superb ion producer Kiyoseki mineral that can only be found in Japan.

So whatever problems you encounter with your hair whether it's frizzy and coarse, uncontrollably thick, or limp and thin. As you pass over your hair the Kiyoseki Ceramic Styler, it will lock your hair's own conditioning moisture and the superb ion producer Kiyoseki will help straighten, curl or volumize in a single pass.

Currently, Kiyoseki Hair Styler comes with a styling comb, three styling clips and a wide styling paddle brush. It also gives you an Instructional DVD, a nice travel case, 2 oz shine finishing mist bottle and 2 oz conditioning mist bottle.

Tommy Lee Hill partnered with his wife love to review various kind of Hair Stylers and other Beauty Products. 
He recently reviewed The New Kiyoseki Hair Styler that's currently drawing lots of attentions since its release to the market. You can read his research, reviews, and recommendations at:


Salvation For Curly Hair

Some say that beauty is in the eyes, but I say, that women's beauty and attractiveness is hidden in their hair. With the help of shiny stream of long hair or a thoroughly made hairdo we can both conquer and save the world. We should just touch our hair playfully and tricky and men lose all their serious games.

Such a truth was once told me by my grandmother, who had been wearing long blond hair for all of her life till they turn grey. I inherited curly red hair from my mother with Scottish roots in her genealogical tree.

Last time I went to a hairdresser I was told that my curly hair needs extra care as they are more inclined to become over-dry, fragile and as a result, faded and lifeless. Unlike my grandparents and previous generation on the whole I have to spend all my life being affected by different unhealthy factors as smog, undustrial and car fumes, bad food and water, consumption of harmful additions and, which is my black side, smoking. Does it mean, that by me men will always win their games? I won't let other women be my competitors just because my hair have lost all their power of attractiveness. I've listened to my hairdresser's advice and became strongly determinated to follow it. Moreover, I was advised to use particular hair care products. I want just to share my experience with other women to save their time, money and efforts.

So... first of all don't be misled by the diversity of curly hair care systems. Look for sulfate free and botanically drenched ones. The most suitable example is DevaCurl hair care system. DevaCurl hair care product line contains all necessary for frizz items - fresheners, diffusers, gels, cleansers, moisturizers, shampoos and other articles. I've been using this DevaCurl for half a year, ordering hair care products on-line, and now go to a hairdresser not for advice but rather to show off with my victory.

Causes Of Hair Loss: Severe Head Injuries & Child Birth

In today's article we are going to discuss two physical reasons why a person may experience hair loss. This information has been reported to be very accurate and taken from actual studies of men and women who have undergone either severe physical trauma to the scalp area, and women who have experienced hair loss soon after giving birth.

Head Injuries & Physical Trauma To The Scalp
Permanent hair loss can be a direct result of a severe physical injury to a person's scalp. Although in some cases the hair might grow back, the majority of head trauma victims will have a total loss of hair for the rest of their life. Some possible head trauma examples would be chemical burns from acid or other highly flammable substances, severe cutting and damage from a blunt object, and over-exposure to cold temperatures such as freezing from liquid nitrogen or from frostbite.

At times, physical damage that causes hair loss may not come in the form of a severe injury as described above. For example, if a person wears a tight fitting helmet or other headgear that causes continuous pressure, this can lead to permanent hair loss.

Surgical operations that went wrong can cause permanent hair loss, such as cosmetic surgeries like scalp reduction or a face lift. They may even have suffered from an incorrect hair replacement surgery as well.

Hair Loss In Women Who Have Gave Birth

Some women experience a temporary loss of hair soon after giving birth. The term for this condition is called “telogen effluvium”. What happens here is that during the 2nd and 3rd trimester, the hair follicles that a woman has stays in the “growing phase” longer than it should have. So instead of the hair going through the normal regeneration cycle and shedding like it's supposed to, the hair follicles remain active and do not fall to the wayside which results in extremely thick hair.

Many women enjoy this temporary burst of luxurious hair growth. Unfortunately, this hair growth is not permanent. Within 12 weeks after giving birth, the woman's hair follicles will go back into their normal growth cycle. This means that all of this extra thick hair that should have been shedding for the last few months, as everyone's hair sheds normally, will now begin to fall out at a rapid pace, and usually does so all at once. This condition is temporary and is merely the result of a woman's body bouncing back to its original state as it was before becoming pregnant.

02 July, 2010

Facial Hair Styling for Men

A Look At Facial Hair Styles For Men
Facial hair has always been a choice for almost all males. At every historical juncture we have seen men sporting all kinds of facial hair styles. The short cut but full- faced beard was the hallmark of a distinguished man as was the moustache. But as time pressed on men started experimenting with all sorts of facial hairstyles, from which emerged the goatee, the facial stubble and most recently, the wearing of soul spots, i.e. a patch of hair under the chin, under the lower lip or above the upper lip. And, not forgetting the GQ Look commonly known as freshly shaven, clean cut faces.

Since men's facial hairdos can be found in a wide variety, choosing the best facial hair style is actually more than just letting the hair on your upper lip grow out. There are some things you might want to consider before deciding on a facial hair style. For instance, the length of your mouth, the size of your nose, fullness of the lips, thickness and color of face and shape of jaw line.

These things are important because they can actually promote your best features and add to your general look. Men with large circular faces can grow a moustache to help bring about balance and proportion. Or if you have a soft jaw line beards offer a great disguise, and men with square faces or pointy chins can lessen their stark angular features with a beard. But the best part about facial hair styles is that it is a wonderful way to camouflage skin flaws and imperfections such as acne scars, or scarring from numerous years of shaving.

To help you choose what facial hair style is best for you, it is always wise to see a professional stylist or barber. But just remember that choosing a facial hair style is only the tip of the iceberg since having facial hair takes time and effort to maintain, and some men usually cant get over the first hurdle; enduring the scruffy look until hair grows out long enough to shape and style. If you do achieve the facial hair style that you want, you will have to shape and maintain it with regular trimming. Conditioners and moisturizers are also great supplements in making facial hair styles look and feel better as these help it to become more manageable.

It is commonly said that beauty is pain, and when this is said we tend to think of women getting a bikini wax but for men it may well mean having to purchase conditioners, moisturizers and eyebrow pencils to fill in sparse spots in beards and moustaches. Just make sure to get an eyebrow pencil that matches your hair color and is long lasting so it wont come off when you are doing something manly, like drinking. It may be embarrassing, heck even painful to go buy this stuff at your local cosmetic counter, but the attention youll get after youve spiced up yourself is well worth it.

01 July, 2010

5 Tips For Cool Hair Styles Men

Okay, so you've searched for cool hair styles men. You want to take your handsome factor to the stratosphere. I get it. Congratulations because you realize that for an attractive men look, your hair cut can make or break you. For men, hair styles are key...And could be a key to many things if you know what I mean.

It's obvious in pictures of male models, celebrities and the like, hair style is really a big deal for men. A bad hair style can make a man look terrible. As all attention is on a man's face, you've come to the right place searching for cool hair styles men. Yes, a cool hair style will pay dividends to your looks for years to come. And having a cool hair style is easy.

Today, I'm going to give you the straight dope on how to have an awesome hair style. It's about being a man as you'll see. And not being an idiot. It's not difficult. In fact, it's easy. Read on if this doesn't sound too arrogant for you.
5 tips for cool hair styles men are as follows:

1. Straight is in. I really suggest getting a flat iron. Believe it or not, but straighteners are used extensively by men. It'll do wonders for your hair.

2. Fly faux-hawk. People just love the David Beckham style faux-hawk. I wear one myself. It's short which women find attractive. If you keep your hair really short it looks perfect in a professional atmosphere. For style, confidence, and flexibility - this haircut is perfect. Never overuse on the gel.

3. Rough is cool. The rough look is gaining a lot of popularity. It gives a real manly look. Top way to look rough? Get a buzz cut...But it can't be military or flat head. Ask your hairdresser for a #3 or #4. Tell him or her to start at a #1 up until the top of your ears, then blend in to a #3 or #4. If you really want to get noticed, keeping long sideburns and a buzz cut will do the trick. It's different. Lewis Hamilton sports this nicely.

4. Cool hair styles men can be what I call shaggy. The shaggy crop is a cool style for men that is stylish. Have this hair style and put on a pair of aviators...You'll attract a ton of attention. Hollywood actor Kal Penn does an awesome job sporting this cool hair style.

5. If you like your hair to be a little long, consider a front-up, sides-out, back-pulled hair style. Be sure the front is up, side hair being a little long can be pulled out from the sides and the back is kept a little long so as to mess it up by pulling the back. The cool hair styles men crew who sport this are Robert Pattinson (from Twilight) and Ryan Gosling. It's really easy to make this happen for you. Blow dry your hair into this style then use some product to make it hold. Don't use gel, use American Crew fiber.

All other things equal, these five cool hair styles men tips will make it easier to increase your appearance, sport confidence, and have heads turning towards you. People really notice cool hair styles men because all attention is on a man's face.

How Your Hairstyle Make Public Your Personality

Hair styles are the important part of your personality. Not only your outfits, jewelry but your hair style also tells what the personality you have as the right hair style projects your best qualities.

Today there are thousands of websites which features women’s trendy hairstyle and also the hairstyles of celebrities. Today short hair styles are worn by women as more and more women are in a career scene and also becoming mother on the go. And because of fast paced lifestyle trendy short hairstyles are ideal for most of the women.

Hair styles of celebrity influence what is in and what is out. So people look at the latest celebrity hair style to get the ideas for new hair styles. Most of the men, women and hairstylists get the ideas from celebrity hair styles.

Now days short hair styles are in fashion again as many people think that they give a young sophisticated look to a person. The most natural hair style is straight hair style.

Choosing a hair style depends on lots of factors such as shape of your face. Whatever you decide for yourself you must be confident with that hairstyle. Once you have decided the hairstyle you should maintain it by regular washing and setting.

Over the internet we can look for hair styles with no cost any time we want! You can learn anything you want to know about hair styles over the internet. But if you have medium length hairs then you should go for layering, low lights, highlights and the overall length relative to shape of your face.

Heart shaped face people can go for chin length bob for your hair style. This can add the illusion of extra width at your chin. A long layered hair style can give you a stylish and nice look as it is more creative than just simple straight hair style. You can also try for one layer, two layer and full layered hair style according to your face shape.

If you are very confusing about your hair style then you can look over the internet and can search a better one for yourself. Hair style pictures over the internet will not only give you some ideas for your hair but they will also show how will you look from front, back and sides. You can find many sites over the internet where you can upload your picture and can see which hairstyle will suit you the best. You must visit our site for better hairstyles that are in trend.

So try the best trendy hairstyles for yourself which can give you a nice and different look and can enhance your beauty also.