09 November, 2010

Use Cat Hair Risks to Your Health

To beautify yourself a lot of things can be done by women. One way is to dye your hair.
Hair coloring trend is growing. But one question that is often a question mark, whether hair dye safe to use? Much research has been done on the issue, but the researchers were still unable to conclude with certainty.
Many said that hair dye users are vulnerable to cancer, especially breast cancer. It is caused by toxins that vaporize when mixing the ingredients of hair dye products, as quoted from ayushveda.

A study by the American Cancer Society in 1995 showed that all types of cancer can be caused by hair dyes. However, in another study at a Boston hospital in 1998 said that hair dye does not correlate with all types of cancer, but may increase the risk of skin cancer.

Another fact revealed by the American Cancer Society. Researchers said that hair dye users had a lower risk of cancer than people who do not use it.

To this day, it is uncertain whether the use of hair dye is safe or not to be used. For safety, take precautions, such as by selecting hair dye products containing the least possible chemical and wear closed during the process of painting. This is done to avoid the evaporation of body toxins. Better yet, if you limit the frequency of use of hair dye.

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01 November, 2010

New Brunette Hair 2010 :Ashley Olsen

Ashley Olsen has come over to the dark side.
The 24-year-old fashionista was spotted just a few days ago with her signature blonde hair and visibly dark roots. But now she's showing off a more sultry look with rich, chocolate brown locks.
Dressed in a black blazer, bright white scarf, stacked bracelets, and a Fendi croc handbag, this trendy twin joins another Hollywood celeb -- Jessica Biel -- in making a statement for fall with a darker 'do.

And who can blame them? They look fabulous.

No doubt Olsen knows how to pull off the brunette look -- just look at those bright red lips! And we are especially glad that she is emerging into a more sophisticated style.

Do you remember the extreme neon-dyed tresses she rocked over the summer?

Are you considering going darker with your hair this season? Leave a comment below telling us what you think of this Olsen sister's new hair color.


Tom Brady's Hair Spat vs Randy Moss 2010

Tom Brady lets supermodel wife Gisele B√ľndchen write the playbook on his long, wispy Justin Bieber do, but apparently the New England Patriots quarterback wanted to call the shots on ex-teammate Randy Moss's scruffy beard.
CBS Sports columnist Charley Casserly reported that the two men had a hair battle spectacular before Moss was recently traded to the Minnesota Vikings.

According to Casserly's account, the men verbally tussled (or should we say tousled?) in the Pats locker room after Brady chided Moss for his recent lackluster play and told him to lose his facial hair.

Moss allegedly responded that Brady needed to cut his long hair because he looks "like a girl."

No argument there from the Boston media, which has been pleading with Brady for months to return to his clean-cut locks of seasons past.

Even the oft-imitated originator of Brady's side-swept bangs, teen heartthrob Bieber, recently joined Hub pundits in mocking the 32-year-old football star for his youthful tresses..

Bieber told the Boston Herald, "Nice hair, Brady. Dude's got some golden locks. Ha ha!" in response to questions about the quarterback's mop top.

Meanwhile, Patriots coach Bill Belichick has reportedly said that the feud was "news to me" and claimed no knowledge of the hair fight.

StyleList is thinking Belichick probably just told his star players to, um, cut it off out.

Source: www.stylelist.com