26 September, 2010

3 Recipes Make Hair Starred

has a shiny and healthy hair is the dream for many women. Although there are many hair care products are available, but make their own hair mask with natural ingredients results will be more leverage.

t's easy, and the materials used are not difficult to find.
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1. Honey and olive oil
Olive oil is a natural conditioner rich in vitamin E and beneficial to overcome dandruff. While honey contains minerals like magnesium, calcium and B vitamins that can nourish the hair. Mix honey and olive oil in a whisk 2 egg yolks. Wrap your hair and let sit for 30 minutes.

2. Banana and Yogurt
Both this material useful as a nutrient for hair and make hair moist. Mix the two materials is useful to repair damage to the
hair, such as chapped and dry hair.

Mix the bananas that have been destroyed with a half cup of yogurt and three spoons of honey, add lemon juice. Apply on hair and let stand for 15 minutes.

3. Avocado and coconut oil
Avocado can cope with dry hair. Mix the avocado with three tablespoons mayonnaise and a few drops of coconut oil, coconut oil will speed up the process of hair growth alamai. Avoid the roots of the hair if you have oily hair.

Natural Protein Hair For Health

Not only the body, hair needs protein to maintain health. Performance becomes more beautiful hair if sufficient protein.

Keratin is a protein needed by the hair. As quoted from gracenglamour, if the hair has this protein, hence less damage to the hair and hair growth will be good.

Protein-protein what is needed hair? This is it!
Shiny hair
To get the shiny hair, can be obtained from natural materials. Extracts of milk, vegetables and wheat are blended into one, and then applied to the scalp. These materials makes the hair becomes more healthy and shiny.

Curly hair care
One of the best protein for treatment of curly hair is by using a mixture of almond oil, honey and conditioner. Almond oil can be bought in supermarkets. Smeared on the hair and let sit for at least 20 minutes. Almond oil and honey will nourish the hair. While the conditioner will give luster to the hair.

Fine hair
To make the hair to be smooth and easily managed, can do the treatment with egg. Take one or two eggs in accordance with the length of your hair. Break the eggs in a bowl and add olive oil. If you want to make the mixture more fluid can add conditioner.

Whisk all ingredients, then apply on hair. Cover hair with warm towel and let stand for one hour. If diligently doing this treatment, you will mendapatakan hair becomes finer and more beautiful.

source: http://www.wolipop.com

20 September, 2010

Hair Battle Spectacular

Hair Battle Spectacular is an American television series that premiered on the cable network Oxygen on August 10, 2010. The show follows 10 of America's hottest fantasy hair stylist as they battle it out in the ring for a $100,000 grand prize and to see who can create the most outrageous hair styles that resemble everything from multi-layer wedding cakes to toys with moveable pieces.

The Hair Battle Theme song "Nobody's Gonna Stop Me by Taylor Lee and Russell W. Howard is available on iTunes here:
Publish Postheme/id392830014

hair insured for $US1 million

Football star's hair insured for $US1 million

American football star Troy Polamalu has a price on his head, with an anti-dandruff shampoo brand taking out a $US1 million ($1.123 million) insurance policy on his trademark mane of black ringlets.
Head & Shoulders said on Monday it had taken a $US1 million Lloyd's of London policy on the locks of Pittsburgh Steelers' Polamalu, the Super Bowl-winning safety.

Polamalu, 29, who was born in the US but is of Samoan descent, says he has not cut his hair since 2000. He has been a spokesman for the Procter & Gamble brand for two years.

Long locks ... Troy Polamalu. Photo: Getty
"They've created the first ever insurance policy to protect his iconic mane for the entire NFL season," Procter & Gamble said in a statement.

Polamalu, a five-times Pro Bowl selection, suffered some injuries last year but is back in the game and expected to be the backbone of his side's defense this season.

His hair has come under attack on the field before, with Larry Johnson of the Chiefs tackling Polamalu by the hair in a 2006 game, but no details were given of exactly what damage to his hair would trigger a claim on the insurance policy.

15 September, 2010

Flawless Hairstyles For A Picture Perfect Prom

As most hairstyles go, complicated is not equal to beautiful. You can wear the simplest hairstyle, but if it suits your facial features and give you the confidence to make you stand out, you will surely be turning heads. The hairstyle that is perfect for you requires a lot of thought, however; few good hairstyles are made from rash decisions.

Do justice to your features by preparing in advance. As with a dress, the way you style your hair says a lot about who you are and how you see yourself. Take note of the shape of your face. Is it long, round, square, or heart-shaped? Talk to your stylist as to what best complements the shape of your face. Also, the style of your dress should be considered in decision. For full necklines, you put your hair up into an elegant French knot. For low necklines, consider letting your hair down. The texture of your hair should also be considered in choosing a style, because what you see advertised in magazines may not be what you can get. You can also add hair accessories like flowers, pins, or pearls to enhance your hairstyle. Remember: every element of your outfit should go with your hair, and that includes dress, shoes, and handbags.

The internet is a very good source of information you need to make your prom night memorable. You can find different websites that specialize in selling prom outfits. You can also find several experts willing to extend their knowledge to you for the perfect hairstyle.

Remember to follow trends in hairstyles in order for you to look fashionable and chic. The perfect hairstyle and the perfect dress will make for a perfect you, and you will be ready to take prom night by storm.

14 September, 2010

Willow Smith Whip My Hair

Willow Smith Whip My Hair
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Whip My Hair is a song by American recording artist Willow Smith. Smith wrote the track while rookie producer Jarel Phifer handled that aspect of the track. The song serves as her debut single from her yet-to-be-titled debut release. While attending events, Smith received media attention for her extravagant outfits compared to Rihanna, whom she later credited as a musical influence. Ironically leaked as the same day as Rihanna's "Only Girl (In the World)", the song set media outlets abuzz, being covered by TIME, Billboard, and CNN the day of its release. Initial reception praised the song's kid-friendly, yet universal appeal, while dubbing Smith "baby Rihanna."

Soon after the song's release, it was officially announced that Smith signed a record deal with Jay-Z and Roc Nation. The song is scheduled to impact urban airplay on September 21, 2010. Prior to radio add dates and release, the song collected greatest gainer recognitions on the Rap Songs chart.Free download mp3 Willow Smith Whip My Hair, perform by Willow Smith. Free and Full download on 4Shared Mp3 Downloads. Mp3 Details Artist : Willow Smith Song Title : Whip My Hair 4Shared Mp3 Downloads >> Willow Smith Whip My Hair on 4shared

12 September, 2010

Healthy Hair With mayo & Aspirin Creambath

appearance. If the hair problem, it will reduce the beauty.

Beautiful hair and manicured add to your attractiveness. That's why hair needs special

appearance. If the hair problem, it will reduce the beauty.

Beautiful hair and manicured add to your attractiveness. That's why hair needs special attention. Here are three tips in negotiating hair is problematic:

1. To eliminate the problem of dry hair, brittle and dull is to apply the mayonnaise into the hair. Make a gentle massage on the head, then wrap the hair with warm towel for 20 minutes.

2. If you do not have time to wash my hair, but your hair greasy. You can mengakalinya by applying cornstarch to the hair. Put corn meal on the comb, then comb hair thoroughly. Corn flour will absorb the oil on the hair.

3. To get rid of dandruff, you can rely on aspirin to cope. Mash two aspirin into powder, then mixed with anti-dandruff shampoo. So that no hair is dry, moisten the hair with conditioner.

source: www.wolipop.com

01 September, 2010

Picture Julia Roberts’ Hairstyles



New Red Hair Rihanna in Spain

fiery new red hair was on display as she performed live at the Rock in Rio concert in Madrid, Spain over the weekend. Pants, however? Nowhere to be found.

Always a fierce fashionista with a penchant for shock value to match her music talent, Rihanna's pants-free performance was almost passe compared to those hot locks.

Wearing lingerie in concert? Always. That hair? Wow!

Her daring style shines live, as previous Rihanna fashion displays have proven. After all, who else could pull this off credibly - and while cranking out hit after hit?

What do you think? Too much? Just right for a performer as dynamic as she is? more Rihanna pictures from her Madrid show below ...

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