30 June, 2010

Best Hair Style Face Shape Heart

Women who have a heart face shape is often confused organize coiffure. In fact, your courage to experiment became one of the key.

No doubt, the right hair style can help create a unique face shape with a distinct character look more proportional and more attractive appearance. One of them shape the face of the liver.

The character of this form marked with a forehead that is wider than other parts of the face, and pointed chin. For that, key styling appropriate for this face shape is to maintain balance between the forehead and chin area, in particular by "obscure" part of the forehead area or apply hair style more volume in the jaw and chin.

Women who have a heart face shape is often confused organize coiffure. In fact, your courage to experiment became one of the key.

No doubt, the right hair style can help create a unique face shape with a distinct character look more proportional and more attractive appearance. One of them shape the face of the liver.

The character of this form marked with a forehead that is wider than other parts of the face, and pointed chin. For that, key styling appropriate for this face shape is to maintain balance between the forehead and chin area, in particular by "obscure" part of the forehead area or apply hair style more volume in the jaw and chin.


29 June, 2010

5 Hair Style Romantic & How to Make

Summer is characterized by a joyous moment, the flowers are blooming and the warm air. Hair also needs to express the joy of summer.

Simple reflection of the hair style, Flirty and romantic to the hairstyle often decorate the stage for a fashion show runway summer. But the natural and permanent efortless created in the restructuring.

1. Hairdo 'come off'
Messy bun / hair come off a bit messy to be deliberately arranged the perfect appearance. Hair styles are suitable for everyday performance and style at the office. This style is not sexy and feminine eliminate the impression to come to special events from a woman.

Ponytail your hair, then wrap the hair into clumps, then you can bind with rubber or clamped to incorporate the remaining hair.

2. Wavy hairstyle
Messy hairstyle or messy impression of being an idol for this year. Like the impression of waves that look a bit messy. When finished washing my hair, dry hair with a hair dryer, then use styling products hair. Make waves with hair curling iron, and locks with a comb your hair using your fingers.

3. The braid hairstyle
Romantic impression may be created from hair braid techniques. For that you want to leisurely stroll, hair braids and add the cap. Voila! casual look directly up with this style.

4. Side ponytail hairstyle
Side ponytail success to you who want a stylish casual and playful, even suitable also for appearances on a date with a romantic partner. To create more stunning hair, wash your hair then wear mousse. After that blow-dry your hair with a hair dryer.

5. Half ponytail hairstyle

Bind half of hair and hair still dangling from the bottom of the feminine and sexy effect. Hair like this is not difficult. Take the top of your hair and ponytail or hair clips. Again curling iron becomes a loyal friend in your hair, create a ripple effect on the bottom of the hair with the styling tool.

Beautiful with short hair

You look more fresh and young. Take care of him too easily. Good-bye bad hair day!
outsmart Short Hair

• If you want to look feminine with short hair, simply add the accessory pins or headbands. Want to look more different? Use only unique necklace as a headband instead.

• Scarf can be a perfect solution as a hiding place when it did not have time to tidy hair.

• Use a styling cream or gel-like wax on the hair to create messy preppy look or style in an instant.

• For a more dramatic impression, do experiments with hairspray. The result? More hair volume and texture is more visible.

• To model remains okay, you must often do trim the hair.

• Want to appear more challenging? Just add accent highlights in the hair.

Match Type Face
• Type the heart: Short hair with bangs is a good choice. However, without many layers haircut would likely eliminate the beauty of the cheekbone.

• oval Type: You are lucky because this type of facial hair fits for all models. However, if you want to wear bangs, try not too long and is made sideways.

• Type box: Few layers and texture to short hair would disguise the form of a grid on the face.

• Type round: Short hair for round face a very risky business owners, because it would make it look more chubby cheeks. To menyiasatinya, hair can be cut with a layer technique in the left and right side faces.

28 June, 2010

Hair Accessories For Weddings

Wedding day is a day that awaited by every woman. During that time, a woman would have to keep up appearances. The women must be concerned with appearance from head to toe.

One part that will make women look beautiful is an interesting hairdo. There are many types of hair for the wedding. to sweeten the hairstyle, a variety of accessories can be an alternative. Among them is a tiara, headband, hairpin and haircomb.

1. Tiara
Small crown forms, which detail the form of a diamond or gemstone eyes that stand out on the top of the head. Tiara has a variety of models, there are a few eyes and spread out, there is also a stone jewels only one in the middle. Usually tiara worn at the top and pinned at the left-right head tilt position.

2. Headband
Accessory attached to the head, shape and type vary. More identical Headband worn by the women gypsi. Headband for the bride usually using gem stones or crystal and made of elastic webbing material there is even a form of wire.

3. Hairpin
The easiest type dikreasikan for the bride's hair. Shaped like a pin inlaid crystal eyes, pearls, sequins or other. Use only with the hair pin hairpin.

4. Haircomb
Known as a hair comb. Haircomb to brides typically used to sweeten the gemstone shape. Using haircomb on a special day, may give the impression interesting. strengths, stronger hair grabbed while pinned, while giving the impression neat hair.

source: www.wolipop.com

27 June, 2010

5 How to Take Care of colored hair

Hair coloring is one of the easiest and most effective way to be able to renew hair style. Besides hair coloring will make the appearance more attractive.

Not only up there, to keep the color of the dyed hair remain durable, need to know the following tips.

1. After the dyed hair, wait at least two days to wash my hair.

2. Use a special shampoo for colored hair, so hair color is maintained condition.

3. Use always the conditioner, especially on the ends of your hair to not be easily broken.

3. Do not use shampoos that contain formulas for dry hair, for example, contains an anti-dandruff shampoo contained in and greasy hair. In addition, the type of shampoo can fade hair color.

4. Avoid exposure to sunlight, hair dryer, chlorine in swimming pools and sea water for too long / often. This accelerated hair becomes dry and hair color are also blurred.

5. To prevent hair from becoming dry and damaged, treat hair done routinely with minimal hair mask once a week.


26 June, 2010

How To Find The Best Hair Salon For You

Are you looking for a hair salon, but can't decide on the best one for you because there are so many of them to choose from? Then you need to know some things that you can do that will help you find the best salon for you to use.

Here are the most important things you want to do before making your final choice about what salon you will go to for your beauty needs. Be sure to do all of these things combined so you can be sure that you are choosing the right salon from the start.

One: Get a referral - Ask your friends and family members if they can refer you to a good salon. You never know when they have the perfect suggestion that will make your search so much easier.

If you see someone with a hairstyle that you like then ask them for a referral to their hairstylist. Many people will be happy to refer you because it makes them feel good that you like what their stylist did for them.

Two: Schedule a consultation - By scheduling a consultation with different salons you will be able to feel them out before making a commitment to using them. This is important because without a consultation it is very easy to choose the wrong stylist for you which can lead to a whole mess of problems you don't need or want.

Always ask to see the stylist's portfolio. Most of them have one because they understand that their customers want to know that they do good work before deciding to let them near their hair.

They will usually be more than happy to show it to you and if they won't then you may want to find another stylist to use.

Three: Observe - Also during the consultation take time to observe the salon and the stylists. You want to make sure the salon is clean. You also want to see how the other stylists interact with each other and their customers.

Do they communicate well? Communication is a key in a salon because too many mistakes can happen without good communication.

Watching a stylist's technique is also a good idea because this will tell you whether you would feel comfortable letting them take care of your hair. Another thing to watch for is their professionalism.

If the stylists are not professional than this is a good indication that you want to go somewhere else or you could end up with the wrong stylist very easily.

Now that you know the different ways that you can use to help you find the best hair salon; all that is left is to get your search started. Don't rush your decision because choosing the right stylist is imperative or you could end up with a disaster on your hands.

25 June, 2010

Perfect Hair Tie

Ponytail hair is normal, but with a different touch on this one, you are guaranteed to appear casual style.

Step by Step:
● Hair that has been dried, trimmed.
● Pull all the hair back. Lift upward.
● Leave a small portion on the left or right.
● After that, the hair tie with rubber. Hair that had been wrapped in Kunciran remaining.
● Trim with small pins, if there is hair that is not carried away.
● Finally, you spray hairspray on the hair, especially if you have many children's hair.

24 June, 2010

Make Beautiful Hair More

How well do you know the usefulness of hair products? If not quite understand the benefits for your hair, following a review of some of hair styling products most commonly used and how its use of experts.
Important message before buying such products is, choose environmentally friendly products so that your hair is not only beautifully arranged, but the environment also come awake.

An expert makeup Paganist Frank who is also the owner of Pagani hair parlor in Oak Park, Illinois, United States use mousse to its clients. "Mousse Hair cosmetology can defend well but still felt light and can be used on the hair easily, so you can can do it," he said. 
How to use: Pour enough mousse in the palm of the hand, then use the hair using your fingers to touch the scalp. Apply mousse to hair tip 1.5 cm long in advance because of its function will be maximal in the part, said Paganist. Then use the mousse on the hair thoroughly. 
Heavier than mousse and give the hair texture and volume. Hairdo pad may be adjusted depending on taste you, according to experts Arias Kathleen Nugent tat salon owner in Minneapolis. 
How to use: sweep taste in your hair to get wet effect. In general, the gel will be left in the first place where diusapkan, so make sure you wipe it evenly through the hair, said Paganist. 
Slightly more powerful than any other hair styling products, "Hair Oil makes hair more controllable without seeming stiff or greasy," explained Paganist. Choose a hair oil that can protect your hair from sunlight, has a stronger effect and in accordance with your fragrance. 
How to use: Start with a little oil for dry hair (even less for thin hair). Apply and rub gently at first oil, then trim with a more rapid hand movements to emphasize the hairstyle, Paganist said. To model the random hair, use a little on the hair after drying, said Joel Noufal, owner Noufal Hair Studio in Vienna, Virginia. 
Noufal like to spray a little hairspray on a model of short hair or curly and more to maintain hair cosmetology. Hairspray choose environmentally friendly and has a scent that you like also stronger endurance to maintain the shape of the hair. 
Ways to use: Spray hairspray from a distance that is not too close to the head, said Paganist. 
This product is lighter and not greasy but still able to maintain the hairstyle, Nugent said. Use anti-frizz made from natural, not made from petroleum, and does not look greasy in your hair. 
How to use: Just pour a little rubbing on the palm and apply on the hair. "I often see my customers using frizz-control product too much," said Paganist. "But you need only a little." 
Source: Indonesian Prevention

Hair Sensation Spa at Home

Hair experienced many "challenges" every day. Sunlight, dust, air pollution, up to high stress levels continually hit the hair health. Hair is easy to experience stress if not treated properly. Starting from dry hair, branched, dull, rigid, up to a severe fall. Same as you, the hair is also an occasional need of relaxation.

To restore the health of the hair, usually a woman came to the salon to get their special treatment, one of which is hair spa. Hair spa treatment that is more than just creambath or deep conditioning that can neutralize the poison, both on the scalp and hair. In addition, this treatment can also menutrisi soften hair at the same time. Women who get a hair spa treatment will have a smooth and shiny hair! Beautiful! 
Actually hair care steps similar to spa creambath usual, but the difference is in massage techniques and materials used. Spa massage for hair is not done in the head, but more focused on each strand of hair plastered to his head. That way, certainly every strand of hair to get the required nutrients. In addition, the cream used for hair spa also uses the basic material that contains a lot of water so easily absorbed by the hair. No wonder if the sensation feels so refreshing! 
From Salon Continues to House 
If you want to do hair spa, you can try a range of hair products from L'Oréal Professionnel Spa named Original Hair Spa ®. Original Hair Spa ® is a series of premium creambath contained in salons L'Oréal Professionnel is treating many types of hair with various scalp conditions. Treatment aims to help get the hair relaxation through massage blend, fragrance products, and the perceived softness of hair after treatment. In the salon, you will get professional help to determine what type of hair spa suitable for your hair. 
After performing maintenance on the Original ® Spa Hair Salon, you are advised to continue treatment at home for maximum results. This treatment can be obtained through a series of gear products and energizing Purifying Scalp Massage Lotion in the form of the hair tonic. Now, both products can be purchased at salons L'Oréal Professionnel. Keep your hair shiny and healthy too charming! 

23 June, 2010

Pamper Hair with Natural Ingredients

Want healthier hair and charming? Take advantage of the natural wealth to take care of him.
Hair is an important part for the appearance of a woman. In addition to supporting performances, this one part of the body has an important task to protect the scalp from the heat of the sun and other unfriendly weather.

Work activities that cause stress and a high level of pollution is very dangerous for the health of the hair. Hair becomes brittle and fall off, and scalp dandruff occurs because the hair roots (follicles) lacks nutrients. In addition because of the weather, the food we asup also great effect on hair condition.

The damage is getting worse if we often overload the hair with a hair dryer or use hair dye. A hair dryer heat and chemicals make hair lose its natural moisture so it looks dull and brittle. 

To restore the beauty of your hair, do routine maintenance. If you do not have time to the salon, you can, really, do it yourself at home care with natural ingredients. Want to try? 

• Tea 
Not just for your health, tea is also good for hair beauty. All types of tea have the ability of each hair healthy. Content of antioxidants in green tea (green tea) can protect the hair from the evil of pollution exposure. Jasmine tea is believed to increase hair luster. While the taste of mint tea can be selected to cool the scalp. The content of the fresh mint able to remove fat and reduce dandruff and itchiness on the scalp. 

• Chicken Eggs 
Food is very good on this one as hair conditioner. High protein content helps strengthen and thicken hair. Hair Care with eggs will also increase hair luster. But the stench of eggs can sometimes make us reluctant to use it. To remove fishy odor, lemon drops into the beaten eggs. New applied to the hair as a mask. 

• Chocolate 
For dry hair, try treating it with a brown mask. Chocolate can restore scalp and hair moisture. Hair softer and smoother. Fragrant, sweet and creamy chocolate also made the feeling more relaxed during and after treatment. 

• Yoghurt 
Usefulness of yogurt to the skin are not confidential. You can also prove beneficial for hair menutrisi. Yoghurt can moisturise and strengthen hair roots, thus preventing hair loss. In addition, the use of yogurt on a regular basis will also prevent hot-gray hair. Use yogurt as a hair mask regularly every two weeks. Even more radiant hair. 


22 June, 2010

3 How To Protect Hair From the Sun

Not only the skin that can be damaged by bad influences from the sun. Hair will experience problems if not protected from sunlight.

The sun can damage the hair. Exposure to UV rays directly on the hair will damage the cuticle that can cause hair come a broken and dry.

For hair that needs to get protection. Here are tips to protect hair from the sun:

1. Wear SPF spray for hair. SPF will protect hair from direct exposure to sunlight. Alternatively, you can wear sunscreen to the skin. Mix half a teaspoon of sunscreen containing SPF 25 with a half cup of water, apply on the hair still wet. Or you can try lip balm with high SPF content can be applied to the hair. Make sure after wearing sunscreen in your hair shampoo to clean.

2. If you want to protect hair from the sun with natural ingredients. Can try using coconut oil, jojoba oil, sun seed oil and olive oil. Apply on the hair before you go out of the house.

3. In addition, you can protect the hair by wearing a hat or bandanna when going out. Pick a hat that has a wide brim. Hats not only protect your hair but can also protect your skin.

source: www.wolipop.com

Variety Binding Techniques of Classic Hair Style

Many ways to make hair look more beautiful and sexy. One of these trends ponytail hair ponytail or a horse.

Sweet and feminine styles will be created from the ponytail hairstyle. A hair with a ponytail order can also hide a bad hair day that hit. come on, come up with ponytail hairstyle:

1. High ponytail
The higher the ponytail will make you look more sexy. Cowlick hair all round, to make hair more neat ponytail while wearing gel and then tie his full height, then blow dry the hair remedy sheen effects created by the gel. Cascade comb your hair for straightening and smoothing hair.

2. Adding Hair
To create a more feminine and sexy appearance. You can add long hair with extensions. We have many available extensions that have been shaped and adjustable lock of hair length and thickness of hair. Way too easy to use, just in a ponytail in the hair and voila! become a long ponytail.

3. Side ponytail
To create a romantic view, create a sideways bond. His hair neatly down to the ear. You can add ribbon ornaments to create a more classic look.

Source: www.wolipop.com

The more girl With Variation Ribbon Accessories

Wearing hair accessories will add a touch of sweetness on your appearance. This time we picked up various bands as a trend that will beautify your appearance.

Hair accessory with ribbon forms a unique feature classic style. Professional hairdressers recommend wearing hair ribbons adjusted hairdo.

If you are like an elegant style, wear ribbons made of velvet or silk. For casual appearance, you can use any material polka-dot ribbon to bring in vintage style.

These tapes can be used as a bandana, tie hair style or hair clips like Kelly Osbourne, who clamped her bangs with a white ribbon.

Other options ribbon style with accessories, you can use the statement in the middle of the bow hair. Wearing a ribbon-shaped headbands are a little big to make the appearance look more cheerful and unique.

source: www.wolipop.com

Hottest Hair Accessory Trends On The Spring - Summer 09 Catwalks

Head pieces looked hot, hot, hot on this seasons Spring/Summer 09 catwalks. The collections for designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Diane Von Furstenberg, Luella, Karl Langerfeld, Kenzo etc brought sheer delight to us and proved that we are onto something here - statement head pieces are looking hotter than ever! Oh and I love the vintage 'feel' of these hair accessories because it strikes just the right balance between old world and cutting edge contemporary interpretation.

Already we've seen fashion icons like Victoria Beckham embrace this look with the D&G hair adornment headbands she has been seen wearing about town - which I must say look absolutely fantastic against her short hairstyle, and just proves that great headpieces look superb no matter what hairstyle you wear.

True to their preshow video for the collection "Pigiama Barocco", Dolce and Gabbana thrilled with their collection inspired by classic gentlemen's spotted or striped silk pajamas, with lots of bejeweling in the models' hair and on brooches. Dolce and Gabbana used luscious silk flowers, satin ribbons and vintage style trinkets and jewels to decorate their hair accessories and brooches. Whilst I'm not sure how well the 'gentlemen's' pajama look will translate in real life, it's wonderful to see such a wealth of detail in a collection.

Back to Victoria Beckham for a minute: soon after the 09 shows she was seen in Milan wearing this fantastic D&G red and fuchsia headband decorated in bows and jewels which finished her all black look perfectly.

Luella's collection too has apparently inspired Londoners to go searching high and low for vintage inspired headpieces with French netting.

Evankyr Gelis

Go to http://www.petitebijoux.com.au to view and purchase from the extensive range of luxury fashion hair accessories at Petite Bijoux.

Petite Bijoux hair accessories are designed and made with an exclusive passion to offer girls and women of all ages a range of uniquely and superbly handcrafted hair accessories, stemming from their own love of hair accessories and their own quest for hair accessories that go beyond superficial fashion fads and cheap mass production. The Petite Bijoux designs and attention to quality are inspired by vintage French and English embroidery handwork and tailoring with a totally contemporary style. They inspire reminiscing about eras where women were at their most glamorous.

Except where specifically noted, no information within this article may be copied, duplicated, stored or reproduced in any form without the express written consent of Petite Bijoux.

New Blue Serenity GHD Hair Straighteners - The Must Have Accessory of the Moment!

Your destiny awaits with the new limited edition colour collection from GHD! As you already know, GHD is one of the top leaders of hair products in the UK and throughout the world. With tons of celebrity fans ranging from Gwyneth Paltrow to Madonna, GHD products are the MUST HAVE accessories of the moment! And now, with their new colour collection, YOU can be the celebrity talk of the town!

In awesome new colours like "Blue Serenity" (a deep turquoise), "Purple Indulgence" (a luscious violet), and "Red Lust" (an electric red), you will make your friends (and especially your enemies!) feel "Green Envy" (a vibrant green)! Each hip styler comes complete with a heat resistant colour matching quilted styler pouch, a gorgeous black case, and free next day delivery so you can start getting styled right away! Every colour is rich, cool shade to match your outfit, accessories, and even your mood! These unique stylers come with advanced ceramic heaters, assuring that you have the latest technology for the ultimate heat and shine for your hair. The product also features auto sleep mode, which gives you reassurance that the unit will turn off when idle for 30 minutes. With universal voltage, your styler can go anywhere that you go! A 2 year warranty guarantees you will love this styler and it will be protected should anything go wrong.

This product is not just for straight, long hair designs, and can be used on any length or texture for any look you desire. Create a gorgeous head of curls or waves, get large volume and sexy big hair, or use to straighten to a perfect glossy finish. And the best thing about the styler? You can take it with you for any look on the go! Go from day to evening in a flash, or bring it along for a quick touch up when you are out on the town. And, as with all GHD products, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting a high quality product for long lasting results.

Achieve your destiny - new Hair Straightener from GHD!

20 June, 2010

Wigs as Hair Accessories : Find the Perfect One

Everyone wants to look beautiful and attractive. But all are not born with that beauty. We can at least try to look nice and smart. We can put some effort to change our look for the better. There are various types of accessories. Wig is also considered as a hair accessory. Generally, people with thin hair or bald head wear wigs. But there are also cases in which people wear wigs to get a different look. During Halloween, people wear different colourful and weird costumes and wigs. The purpose is to look different. These fake hair pieces are also a part of social standard and prestige in some parts of the world. In the past, kings and people of higher social standards used to wear wigs as it indicates social prestige and standard. Even, today in some parts of the planet people use wigs for the same purpose.

These hair accessories are of different varieties and styles. They come in various colours, such as pink, white blue, yellow and more. They are made of different materials. Before selecting one wig, you need to check whether it is made of quality materials or not.

Men and women, both wear wigs to cover their bald heads. Baldness looks odder in women than men. It is the most common reason why ladies war wigs. They try to cover their thin hair or bald head with wigs. Apart from that, there are many other reasons for which women wear wigs.

Today, wigs are designed with great effort. They look natural and almost same to the original hair. Women find it easy to war these false hair pieces, as they fell like their own natural hair. There are various kinds of wigs with various designs and style. There are certain factors that you need to consider while buying a wig. Quality is off course an important issue. Budget also plays an important role. If you can afford, it is better to opt for a branded fake hair piece, as it is made of quality material.

Wigs are available in any hair length, such as medium, super short, medium, medium short, long and medium long. You can also find wigs in different attractive colours. Some ladies love to match the wigs with the colour of their hair, while others select wigs of different colours. Wigs are available in a colour with a nice and natural highlight, in all over colour and a colour with noticeable highlights.

Cancer patients lose hair due to chemotherapy. Special wigs are available for them. Before opting for one, you need to make it sure that they are created from good quality materials.

There are a number of reputed and reliable stores where you can get good quality wigs. Women`s wig solutions, The Madison are two of the well-know wig stores. They offer a number of great quality fake hair pieces at affordable prices. Many teen aged girls and fashionable women love to try fun wigs to get a different look. Vogue wigs are of great quality. These items are available in affordable prices.

Causes and Treatment of Hair Loss

Thinning hair and progressive baldness is something that can seriously affect self image and self esteem in both men and women.
With men, however, it is something that is more or less accepted as a natural occurrence by society at large. In fact, about fifty percent of the general population experience normal hair loss by the time they reach 50 years old. We may not like it, but sooner or later half of us are forced to accept it.

Hair loss in women, though, is often perceived in a much different way.

Male pattern baldness is an all too common phenomenon which at the moment has no known cure. It is something that is determined largely by genetics.

Its development can however be slowed down with the correct treatment. Read on for more information on this.

Alopecia is a form of hair loss that is a medical condition. It can occur at any age, though it generally affects females more than males.

There are several variations of alopecia:

Androgenic Alopecia

As mentioned above, this is the variation of alopecia which is commonly known as 'male pattern baldness'. Often hereditary, this condition can in fact affect both sexes.

Treatment to slow down androgenic alopecia is available. Applying minoxidil (Rogaine) to the surface area and taking finasteride (Propecia) orally have proven to be beneficial here. So if this condition is affecting you, be sure to consult your doctor or health advisor about possible treatment.

Natural approaches that have proved successful in preliminary studies include saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol. Consult your health food store for more information on these particular supplements.

Alopecia Areata

This is patchy hair loss, affecting different sections of the head, which tends to affect teenagers and young adults more than older people.

This can be a hereditary condition and for many - but not all - is unsightly and embarrassing but temporary, generally lasting about a year. Changes of hormone levels during pregnancy can sometimes trigger the condition.

Alopecia Totalis

Some sufferers of alopecia areata continue to lose hair until they have none left on the scalp. This is known as alopecia totalis.

Alopecia Universalis

As the name suggests, alopecia universalis is the term given to loss of all bodily hair.

Telogen Effluvium

Temporary thinning of the hair, telogen effluvium is not restricted to the scalp and can affect all bodily hair growth. This condition can last for a few months and may be caused by certain medications.

Be sure to check with your doctor if you are taking medication which appears to increase your hair loss.

Hair Loss due to Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.

Many people receiving treatment for cancer often experience total hair loss. Because this is a widely experienced and well known side effect, specialist support and wigs are available which can help until the hair regrows.

Hair Loss due to Hairdressing Treatments

Excessive use of chemicals, or a bad reaction to the chemicals used in hair treatments such as permanents, can result in hair loss. It can also be brought on by long term frequent use of overly hot implements such as hair straighteners and curling tongs. In the latter case the hair cuticle will often become brittle causing it to break. Most people who experience hair loss due to hairdressing will find re-growth once they stop using the trigger items.

Hair Loss in Children

Children can suffer from alopecia areata and any bald patches should be reported to a doctor promptly in order to begin treatment. Children may be referred on to a dermatologist specializing in hair loss.

Hair loss in children can be caused by trauma of the scalp and hair because of hair being too tightly pulled or plaited over a long period of time.

A more common reason is a fungal infection called tinea capitis which can affect head hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. When noticed, the child should be seen by a doctor.

Prevention and Treatment

In addition to the above mentioned medically prescribed pharmaceuticals and natural supplements it is wise to cover all bases.

Research has shown that some forms of hair loss can be caused by a lack of vitamins and minerals in the diet. This being the case, it is prudent to ensure that a healthy and varied diet is eaten. However if hair loss starts to occur despite healthy eating then a doctor can refer you for vitamin deficiency tests.

It may also be that a separate condition or medication could be preventing the body from absorbing vitamins and minerals from the food being eaten. Again, consult with your doctor in order to determine if this is in fact the case.

Stress is a recognised trigger for hair loss and this is especially so with alopecia areata. In this case, prevention of further hair loss means examining and managing daily stress levels as much as possible.

An excellent way to handle stress is by learning self hypnosis or by listening to good self hypnosis CDs or downloads. You can find a link to my own recordings in the resource box at the bottom of the page.

Self diagnosis is, however, not the ideal way to treat your specific hair loss type. If you are experiencing excessive hair loss it would be wise to see a doctor who can arrange tests and if necessary get treatment started, or refer you on to a specialist.

Knowing the medical definition of your particular hair loss is one thing, but coping with it emotionally can be very difficult and support is often critical.

It helps enormously if there is acceptance and understanding from the sufferer's family and friends. This is extremely helpful as hair loss can seriously undermine the sufferer's sense of worthiness, attractiveness etc and can even result in severe depression. If this is the case, then your doctor should be able to refer you for counseling, self help groups or a wig service.

Hypnotherapy is also a valuable way of increasing self assurance, self esteem and self image while also helping you to manage stress and discomfort.

By working with an experienced hypnotherapist or listening to effective self hypnosis CDs or downloads you can improve the way you handle life's stresses - and positively change the way you feel about yourself.

18 June, 2010

New Solution Against Dandruff

The role of anti-dandruff shampoo alone is not potent enough to overcome the problems that often interfere with the performance of dandruff how we look. Let this new way to help you cope.

Most anti-ketompe shampoo would make our hair become dry, for this reason we often apply conditioner to hair kelembabab maintained. But, in fact sometimes even dandruff problem occurs because of improper selection of the conditioner. Why? Because according to research daro Procter & Gamble, the conditioner can remove the content of zinc pyrithione (PTZ) in anti-dandruff shampoo. PTZ is an active ingredient in shampoo is needed to control dandruff on our scalp.

A solution is to use a conditioner that also menggandung PTZ. Conditioner with PTZ application can suppress the emergence of the white noise up to 50%, compared to only use anti-dandruff shampoo.

Source: preventionindonesia.com

17 June, 2010

Messi hair style world cup 2010

Messi hair style world cup 2010

Mischa Barton Hair Accessories Business Open

The former OC star, Mischa Barton, said that he has launched several products Hair accessories, headbands product specials.

22 stars known to have formed this year in collaboration with accessories designer Stacey Lapidus on the network product, which will use several materials including silk, feathers, crystals, and various pearls.

Pricing accessories label with the name 'Mischa Barton for Stacey Lapidus' that will range from 22 pounds to 108 pounds.

Speaking about his new business Mischa comment, "Gear is a world of fun and they are easy to wear. I have always loved headbands and I've been using the product headband Stacey.

16 June, 2010

Usefulness The Red Strawberry

Strawberry has many uses for health and beauty. What's its benefit? Yuk We'll see!

1. Whiten teeth
Mash strawberries and mix with a half teaspoon soda. Use as you use toothpaste. Once a week this way can be applied in a routine teeth cleaning. This is an excellent method for bleaching teeth

2. Body Scrub
Take two pieces of strawberry and make a smooth paste with the help of the blender. Add one teaspoon of sugar and half a teaspoon of olive oil. Scrub face and body before bathing. Strawberries contain salicylic acid that can remove dead skin cells and allows the skin to absorb moisture, helping skin look radiant and healthy.

Destroy 2 to 3 strawberries and add half a teaspoon mayonnaise. Blend until mixture forms a paste. Use on the scalp and through your hair. Then cover with shower cap for 15 minutes and then rinse clean.
Conditioner is a good cooling for your scalp and hair.

4.Masker for shiny skin
Strawberries are believed to make the skin more smooth and shiny. Try the following steps to create a mask for facial skin is more beautiful.

1. Rinse strawberries in warm water, and dry with a clean cloth.
2. Next place the strawberries in a small bowl, and mash with a spoon or fork.
3. Add cream and honey, mix until evenly distributed.
4. Wear a mask to the neck and make sure your eyes are not affected.
5. Leave the mask for approximately 20 minutes.
6. Rinse with warm water and dry face.

Source: www.wolipop.com

15 June, 2010

Would You Wear Hair Extensions?

Jessica Simpson hair extensions
Photo from HairDo
Jessica Simpson hair extensions
Photo from HairDo
Quite a few years ago, when I was single, I was out with some girl friends dancing in this little club and some guy started dancing with us. I don't like dancing with strangers.

I was nice though and when the song finished I smiled and left the dancefloor. He followed, chatted me up a bit about I don't remember what, but then asked me if I was wearing hair extensions. Cue the record skip!

I wasn't, but for some reason it made me offended. Besides, who asks that? Here's the best part...when I told him no he didn't believe me and pulled on my hair. Crazy, right?

Cut to some years later, I was working for a beauty website, and what arrives in the mail? Jessica Simpson's HairDo clip-in hair extensions. They were long, wavy, and blondish brown. Since I have dark hair, my co-worker Brianne, who had light brown short hair, tried them on. The extensions looked adorable and were so easy to clip in.
Must. Have. Now. So I went to Ricky's NYC and bought some that matched my hair. My locks were already long, but what I loved about these is that it made my hair fuller. I wore the extensions to a wedding and it helped me create a cool half-up/half-down hair do. For me, it's not for the everyday -- this clip-in is all one piece and can be heavy or too much on those with thick hair. Then I discovered POP: Put On Pieces that come in strands, so you can clip in where you need or want a little extra volume. I love these and wear them for once in a while for a little extra something!
Some CafeMoms in the All About Hair And Makeup Group think that clip-in extensions are better for your hair (and your wallet). tpflint419 said she found clip-ins for as low as $1.99 for a pack of three at her local beauty supply store.
Have you ever tried hair extensions? Do you prefer the clip-in kind?

14 June, 2010

Hairstyle Cristiano Ronaldo

The hard core red devils fans call him the "old trafford magician". The highly successful soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is known for his fabulous enthusiasm and lightning footwork.
A strong physique, genuine soccer skill coupled with lovely smile, youthful personality, myriad of hairstyles – all these have made Christiano Ronaldo a heartthrob of many.
Born in Madeira, Portugal, as Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos, this soccer icon followed his passion for the game right from his childhood. By the age of 18, his immense talent and love for the game earned him a position in Manchester United. He made the soccer fans go crazy with his dribble. After his memorable stints in the year 2006 World Cup, he was showered with several awards including PFA Player of the Year. Besides his bricking success in the sports world, the Portuguese lad got noticed in the fashion world too for his frequently changing and stylish looks.
Christiano Ronaldo got the cameras clicking every time he got his hair styled into a fresh cut. In his early years, the young footballer wore a casually cut hairdo, with a few strands highlighted. Given his facial features, lovely eyes and thick mane, Ronaldo tried some of the cutest hairstyles such as classic taper hairdo. Since he prefers to keep it short, Ronaldo has also been seen in rather simple yet trendy hairdos such as the short curly gelled in style. While he carried off his fauxhawk-mullet hairstyle with great élan, Christiano Ronaldo was seen trying the gelled style hairdo. Among many of Ronaldo's chic hairdo is his spiky cut with copper brown shades. He gets full scores for his signature razor cut with shattered arch and the medium layered cut. Ronaldo’s straightened and iron hairdo goes well with his oval cut face.

Cristiano Ronaldo Fauxhawk-Mullet Hairstyle:

Ronaldo's Faux-hawk Mullet Hairstyle
Cristiano Ronaldo with his trendy fauxhawk-mullet hairstyle.
Cristiano Ronaldo's Cool Fohawk
Ronaldo's Fohawk-Mullet
Ronaldo's style

Ronaldo's Hairstyles Pictures:

Christiano Ronaldo loves to experiment with his looks, keeps his hair stylist busy working on his hair department every second month. For someone blessed with loads of talent and oodles of confidence, it takes very little effort to makes things work. The phrase goes well with this Portuguese footballer. Undoubtedly, Christiano Ronaldo is one of the world’s sexiest sports star.

How Hairstyle Cristiano Ronaldo in world cup 2010 !!!!!!!!!!!!???

13 June, 2010

Oil for Beauty Benefits

Coconut ice is a menu that is always a favorite in the summer. Coconuts and coconut water not only can refresh your throat tablets, but also has many benefits for beauty.

Coconut Water
If served coconut water can be a solution to clean the toxins in the body. If toxins in the body is lost, but you become healthier, more even skin clean and bright. You can also use the water for your shower water mixture.
Coconut water will make body skin more clean. Coconut water can also remove excess oil on the hair.

Coconut meat pulp
Pulp coconut meat (the former grated coconut) also you can use to mask the natural. Put the coconut in your face and let stand for 15 minutes. Coconut pulp will absorb excess oil on the face, and make the skin even more brilliant.

Coconut oil
Can you use coconut oil to moisturize the skin. Natural moisturizer contained in it will make your skin protected from dryness. In addition to returning the skin's natural resilience.

Coconut Cream
Coconut cream has properties similar to coconut oil. Coconut cream with irregular wear can also make your nails stronger.

Source: www.wolipop.com

12 June, 2010

Janet Jackson Steal New Hair Paparazzi Attention

LOS ANGELES - Singer Janet Jackson always maintained his long hair, curly shoulder-length fixed. But now, Janet perform dramatic like a guy with a super short haircut.

Genre R & B singer was caught off camera last week, and his appearance seemed very fresh. At that Janet Jackson was leaving Nobu. Pascatertangkapnya picture of herself with her hair super short, internet world abuzz displays the latest news about Janet's hair style that resembles a man.

However, the paparazzi are not able to catch Janet Jackson's photos. Until finally managed to photograph Janet immortalized when he was attending the premiere of her latest film, Why Did I Get Married Too? Janet looks amazing moment on the red carpet melengang. Thus was launched Zimbio, Sunday (30/05/2010).

Indeed, the new haircut is a small way to beautify and enrich your view. And the younger brother of the late legendary singer Michael Jackson managed to do this.

Janet's latest haircut is not only a fresh effect on appearance. However, her face looked tighter. With caramel-colored skin, a pop singer born in Gary, Indiana, United States, May 16, 1966 Janet was so highlighted camera Lanvin dress with gray.

11 June, 2010

Model Hair Trends 2010 Great Wave

FOR the last few years, straight and sleek hair style is so popular. But for 2010, hair style that is soft and dry with great wave model re-introduced.

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen and Hollywood actress Kate Hudson is a fan of this hair style, like the Brits Holly Willoughby and Kelly Brook. Thus the okezone quotes from The Sun, Monday (05/03/2010).

This is a hair style that gives the impression girly and glamorous, and as references to the trend for summer. No wonder when a woman chose to style hair like this everyday.

Joel Silverman, creative director Daniel Galvin, said, "I have seen the trend of the total demand for models who want a blow-dray large size, which is favored hairstyle supermodel Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington."

"In 2010 I saw a wave model with curly hair more loose, so the hair on your appearance also impressed in disarray. Ideally, the model is suitable for hair like hair over a shoulder. But you also can try with a shorter hair style, but must avoid 'moshroom effect' that could reduce the volume effect, "ulasnya

source: lifestyle.okezone.com

10 June, 2010

Overcome Early Aging Hair by Hair Spa

Aging on the hair due to external factors such as the use of a hair dryer, pollution, and chemical products. Signs of aging in the hair is getting thinner hair, no shine, and difficult to manage.
According to Arnaud Trevisani, General Manager of L'oreal Professional, there are two kinds of aging hair. "Aging happens to the hair root and aging are influenced by external factors," he said.

The characteristics of aging that occur on the roots of the hair is hair growth slows and the declining quality of new hair. In addition to external factors, aging in hair are also caused by internal factors, such as consumption of less nutritious foods.

While aging on hair shaft which is influenced by external factors, such as air pollution, use a hair dryer, as well as chemical products in the hair. If the hair is experiencing aging with traits that have been mentioned above, Arnaud suggested that people should be doing routine maintenance both at home and in salons.

One hair care that can be done to overcome the aging in the hair is hair spa. "Hair spa is perfect for making hair look softer and healthier," explained Arnaud. Hair spa did not have much of a difference with a hair mask.

Hair spa treatments which promote the concept of a soothing and relaxing spa has an advantage when compared with a hair mask and creambath. "So, a hair spa is not only to relax," adds Arnaud. In addition, a hair spa also has a function to menutrisi, rejuvenate, and restore energy after a day of inactivity.

According to Arnaud, a hair spa is not just ordinary creambath because hair has some type of spa treatments tailored to each person's hair condition. Starting from dry hair, dandruff scalp tends, sensitive, and fall. But keep in mind, before making a hair spa treatment, one should first consult and diagnose hair and scalp type.

"This was done so that clients get the proper treatment to overcome his hair," adds Arnaud.

In addition to the salon, a hair spa can be done at home using a special shampoo and hair tonic with ingredients similar to a hair spa. "Choose a shampoo that contains sorbitol derivatives and vitamine PP," he said.

Both the content is useful to overcome the problem of aging in the hair. Hair rough and difficult to manage will be smooth and soft.

source: lifestyle.okezone.com

08 June, 2010

Prom Hair a la Celebrity

Celebrities are usually beautiful and elegant in parties, so they can force us to imitate.

Hair styles are not hard kok diikutin, but the result is guaranteed okay! Look at Liv Tyler's hair style is feminine. This classic style is suitable for who have short hair. If Julianne Moore's hair looks better on you that straight hair and a little volume. For long hair over her shoulders, you can follow hairstyles Jennifer Garner. With a large chignon, and the bangs make you look feminine but cute. Angelina Jolie's hair is slightly dikriting and tied to the back half of this match you're a little boy. In addition to simple, you do not need to use various accessories. Meanwhile, curly-haired Kate Winslet could emulate the sophisticated style. How, have found inspiration from the hair styles of Hollywood celebrities? Do not forget to bring a sample picture of the model's hair salon when you go to yes. Good

07 June, 2010

Beauty Secrets From Brunette Hair Color

Hair is the crown for the woman. Many women who want more hair stand out with a touch of a different color than the original hair color.

Indonesian people for skin types, color brunette hair color is the right choice. Kind of a dark brown color will give a different impression.

Especially for you the owner of a thin hair, the color palette will add dimension brunette hair. Creates the illusion of thicker hair.

Colors tend to be darker and natural hair is perfect paired with intersecting layers. These discounts make the hair texture and color combinations will be more prominent.

By Matthew B. Amato, celebrity hairdresser in Baverly Hills, to brunette hair color will make dull skin looks brighter. Besides this color also makes the eyes and teeth look whiter.

Today many hair coloring products, eg products from Makarizo, or L'Oreal Matrix Hair Color. You can do the coloring at home and professional salon.

But when you do a painting at home make sure someone helps you in hair coloring, so that the color blended in the hair. For a more formalized, should do in the salon professional.

06 June, 2010

Meso-therapy Effective For Preventing LOSS?

Severe loss to the cause of baldness is one scary thing for a woman. Now that a treatment can be done to overcome these problems, namely Mesotherapi.

Mesotherapy is a treatment that aims to increase fertility and reactivate the hair roots by way of injecting vitamins and minerals to the head. The composition of vitamins and minerals were adjusted to the needs of the patient.

Many say the therapy is painful, but many were not. This is indeed the person depending on the level of sensitivity. However, it is advisable to use the cream before injecting sick retaining vitamins and minerals to the head.

Do not assume Mesotherapy like magic where after an injection, your hair will be thick snap. In fact, hair loss and baldness can be cured with this therapy is a scalp problem caused by lack of hair nutrition.

Recommended prior to therapy, it is better to consult the physician about your problem. Maybe a solution for your problem is not Mesotherapy.

If the loss incurred was due to stress, hormone changes during pregnancy, and hair roots are not healthy, mesotherapi could be a way out. But before you decide to undergo such therapy, some treatments can be done, namely:

1. Buying shampoo with vitamin E and high amino acid.
2. Apply vitamin hair (usually in form of capsules) in hair follicles.
3. Treating hair with a hair mask.

If the above treatments do not help reduce hair loss, please consult your problem to the doctor.


02 June, 2010

Health: Smoking Can Hair Loss?

Everyone knows that smoking is very detrimental to health hazards, including cancer, heart attacks, impotence, pregnancy and fetal disorders. There's still one more or less, it turns out the effects of cigarettes can affect hair health.

Did you know, tobacco smoke can also cause rapid hair loss and gray?

The scientists who examined the findings suggest that the toxins in cigarette smoke can damage the gland 9lubang) hair and hormones (growth) of hair.

The study was conducted by surveying men and women smokers had never smoked, the amount collected 600 people. Those who smoke are more likely to experience problems in the hair while mekera free from cigarettes have normal hair according to their age. This research report was written in BMJ

Hair Besides there are still some conditions that do not wear, including

Finger nails will turn yellow, wrinkled skin, dry or acne prone face, lips look black and white. A smoker's face is usually not as fresh they are non-smoking.

Believe it or not smoking can affect your physical form, surely you can give self-assessment. Prove it by comparing those who are smoking and not smoking.

Beware of deadly diseases caused by smoking. Love yourself before bad things haunt you. Stop smoking for a healthy life.

Dandruff Hair Care Methods

Dandruff is the excessive flaking of dead skin that occurs on the scalp. Actually, this flaking is normal natural event if the amount slightly. However, in some people there are experiencing flaking continuously and in large numbers. Even followed by redness, itchiness and irritation.

If the normal dead skin cells are replaced about once a month to those who have a healthy scalp. So, to those who dandruff This cycle is faster, ie within 2-7 days. As a result, dead skin cells are released and accumulate in large quantities and there oily clumps, which appear as white or gray patches on the scalp.
How to cure Dandruff.

Should switch to using hair care products that contain tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has many benefits. Tea tree oil contains antiseptic, antiviral, and antifungal and can stimulate the immune system. Besides effective in treating acne without causing side effects dry skin, tea tree oil is also effective to overcome a variety of common illnesses, like flu, thrush, sinusitis, cold cuts, fungal infections, oily skin and infected wounds.

You also need to consider the following points to eliminate dandruff:

* Avoid shampoos that contain too much detergent. If you make a lot of foam shampoo, it means the shampoo has a lot of detergent. Conversely, if the foam is less then the detergent to be used even less.
* Avoid hair styling products that contain too much alcohol.
* Massage the scalp gently every time you shampoo to remove dead skin.
* Use a conditioner every day and a deep conditioner once a week.
* By removing the mold, you will see dramatic changes. Regular shampooing with an anti-fungal product can reduce the occurrence of dandruff.
* In some cases, dandruff can also be caused by poor nutrition due to shortage of the mineral zinc. Anticipation by increasing the intake of zinc may be found in foods such as shellfish, chicken, turkey, and beans.


Healthy Foods for Healthy Hair

Hair health starts from within. Unfortunately, most people underestimate the importance of diet in maintaining the health of your hair. Though, like any diet affect skin's appearance and body shape, the same rules also apply to your hair.

Begin today to a healthy lifestyle! Find know what kind of food should be consumed and which should be reduced to help improve the health of your hair.

* Consumption: multiply the consumption of fish such as tuna, salmon, and trout, as well as flaxseed, walnuts, fresh fruit and vegetables.
* Reduce: processed food.

HAIR AND NOT dull shine

* Consumption: lean meats like poultry and salmon, vegetables, algae and wheat.
* Cut: Junk food and food containing complex carbohydrates.

HAIR fragile

* Consumption: Nuts, seeds and green leafy vegetables.
* Reduce: food and beverages containing caffeine, coffee and pure sugar.


* Consumption: green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, protein rich foods such as soy, lean meats and poultry.
* Reduce: Foods rich in fats and salted foods.


* Consumption: Olive oil, sushi, complex carbohydrates, fruits and fresh vegetables.
* Reduce: fried foods, or that contain preservatives and artificial sweeteners.


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01 June, 2010

Thick hair, Beautiful, Shiny!

Hair problems often interfere with women's confidence. Dissatisfaction for being too thin, until the most severe hair loss and baldness that is the problem. Fortunately, thanks to technological sophistication, the hair can be transformed into long superpendek through hair extensions, hair dull could be made brighter in an instant with hair serum, and the most exciting, hair loss even bald can re-grow almost back to normal.

There are several things that can cause hair loss of fertility, among others:
• Diseases, such as high fever, or postoperatively.
• Influence of drugs (eg, chemotherapy) or too long taking certain drugs.
• Diet is wrong.
• Stress.

The goal of therapy is to nourish hair grower hair by creating a healthy environment for hair to grow, so that hair growth is turned and walked back to normal. Ranging from nutrition to give up to fix the core problems that impede the process of hair growth.
There are 4 hair therapy where you can choose:

1. Acupuncture and full-blooded
This technique is exactly the kind of traditional techniques. The goal of acupuncture is to stimulate acupressure points that can improve blood flow so as to create a good blood circulation. The result, hair re-stimulated to grow better. Another alternative can be tried are full-blooded hair.

2. Laser therapy
You can also try laser therapy. Usually, within a period of approximately three months the results can already be felt. This therapy should be performed only for you who has the problem of acute hair, or for those who experience thinning of the upper limit of normal.