21 October, 2010

New Hair style Cristiano Ronaldo 2010

New Hair style Cristiano Ronaldo 2010 for real madrid
Cristiano Ronaldo of real madrid celebrates scoring his sides opening goal from free kick

7 Steps to Get Smooth Hair Experience

Hair is a woman's crown. Therefore, every woman wants beautiful hair smooth and naturally healthy. Seven steps, can help you get a dream hair, as quoted from Carefair.
Treatment Masks
Combine eggs with six tablespoons of yogurt. Apply this mixture on your hair and massage your hair a few minutes. Wrap hair with a towel, let stand for 10 minutes and rinse with warm water.
Damaged Hair Treatment
This treatment will reduce the damaged hair and makes hair smooth. Mix one tablespoon of corn oil with half cup of apple cider vinegar and two cups of water. Apply this mixture after you wash. Apply each time you finish wash. The smell of vinegar will disappear after 10 to 15 minutes.

Hair Wrap
Use a cloth wrapping hair at night to get the fine hair in the morning. Hair comb as a whole, then wrap the hair gently. Use the wave-stamp, pantyhose or scarf to keep hair in place. In the morning, remove the cloth wrapping your hair and hair styling as usual.

Mayonnaise Treatment
After the wash and dry your hair with a towel, apply a tablespoon of mayonnaise on your hair and wrap hair with a shower cap. Leave the mayonnaise seep into the hair for an hour, then rinse with a mild baby shampoo or herbal shampoo. Fatty acids in the mayonnaise will soften hair and increase hair of natural oils.

Natural Oils
Use natural oils on your hair like coconut oil, sunflower oil or almond oil to organize and keep the hair to remain soft instead of using hair gel or hairspray. Products such as hair gel and hairspray over time will make the hair becomes sticky so it does not fit with what you want. If your hair is thin and dry, use a little natural oil.

Massage Oil Distance
Massage your scalp with castor oil to conditioner treatments that will make the hair become softer and more moist. Warm half a cup of castor oil and massage on the scalp there. Comb hair gently with your hands and wrap your hair with hot towel for 30 minutes. After that, berkeramaslah with shampoo, rinse and hairdressing as usual.

Blow Drying Techniques
Sometimes the wrong technique actually blow drying damage your hair, make it look coarse and unruly. For that, a very important blow-drying techniques are correct. Use a round brush to control the hair when dried. Give your hair a break periodically from a hair dryer for fine hair back naturally

from: wolipop

4 How to Overcome Dandruff Natural

Dandruff is one problem often faced hair. There are so many anti-dandruff shampoo, but most shampoos are too harsh for hair so that makes it defective.

Natural materials is a safe way to deal with dandruff. As a bonus, the materials to make hair more beautiful. Here are four ways to make the hair free of dandruff with natural materials, such as that quoted from dry skin care guide.
Mouth freshener
You've probably never heard of this before, apparently content effective antibacterial in the mouth freshener overcome dandruff and itching of the scalp. Combine mouth freshener with purified water and your shampoo in a cup. Berkeramaslah as normal while massaging the scalp with your fingers to increase circulation to the hair cuticle. Routine maintenance will expel bacteria and dandruff.

The content of potassium and enzymes in the vinegar can help prevent dandruff and itchy scalp. Combine that with a little vinegar water. Before bed, apply ampuran it on the scalp, then wrap the hair with a towel. The next day, wash your hair after getting out of bed. The result would you feel after treatment for two weeks.

Olive oil
The content of vitamin E is not only good for the body's skin, but also to the scalp. Combine olive oil with almonds. Apply on hair and massage the scalp with fingers. Clean up after massaging the scalp hair.

Aloe vera
Aloe vera or aloe vera has been known since ancient to rid dandruff. Pour the extract of aloe vera on the head are often dandruff, let sit and wash after 15 minutes. After a few treatments, dandruff on the head will be lost.

13 October, 2010

New Hair Style Pauly D Hair Tutorial

Jersey Shore's Pauly D Shows Off His Hair Skills
MTV's Jersey Shore cast member DJ Pauly D (aka Paul Delvecchio) is quickly becoming well known for
his labor-intensive blowout — for better or worse. Now he's done us all the service of taping a step-by-step tutorial for his look. Many Italian-Americans and New Jerseyans are understandably none too pleased about the show's depiction of the Shore and its residents, but Pauly clearly doesn't see himself as a bad representative of his community. What do you think? Is it cool for Pauly and his self-described "Guido" housemates to trumpet whatever grooming routine they like, or does a handful of 20-somethings' love of hair gel and tanning play up stereotypes?


10 October, 2010


BILLINGS - Rimrock Mall is thinking pink for National Breast Cancer Awareness month.
Pink is the color that symbolizes breast cancer awareness, so Dillard's Salon is offering pink hair extensions as a fundraiser. The extensions are $10 and proceeds will go to "City of Hope" to benefit breast cancer research.
It's estimated that about one in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. "A lot of our shoppers are women who are affected by this, so we want to support their efforts," said Rimrock Mall's Marketing Manager.
Pink extensions are only one of the ways Rimrock Mall is supporting the cause. They will also host a fashion show called "Pack the Place in Pink" on Saturday, October 16th at the center court. The runway models will be breast cancer survivors.
Skyview High School's volleyball teams will be selling T-shirts for this event and will donate their sales to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

source: http://www.kulr8.com

07 October, 2010

Tips to Protect and Shine Hair with Water

Shampoo, conditioner and mask is good for hair health, but there is one thing that is also good for hair but forgotten, namely water.

Water is not just wet your hair, if used properly, the water can make hair more beautiful. As quoted from health.com, the following tips to make hair shiny and protected by water.
Leave the warm water when you clean your hair from shampoo and use cold water. In addition to making a layer of the hair cuticle closed so that no dirt that comes into the scalp, cold water was also to make hair more shiny.

You must already know that water containing chlorine or salt can make the hair becomes rough. Overcoming this was not difficult.

Things you should do is to wet the hair with plain water so that entry into the hair and water that contains chlorine or salt can not damage your hair.

from: (af1/af1) wolipop.com

06 October, 2010

The Pas Hair Cuts For Round Face

Long hair may be one of the most convenient option for those who have a round face. The only appearance to look beautiful with long hair is to ensure the proper pieces, depending on the uniqueness of your face owned.

A round face is the easiest to recognize. Length to face almost the same width. If it is not too similar, usually round face has a very gentle curvature.
Lots of hair styles that can be applied to a round face, during the following ground rules. A basic rule to remember is that a suitable hairstyle for round face is the hairstyle that reduces the width of the face to make them look like ovals.

One of the best options to balance a round face with long hair is straight and smooth. Haircut like this is very good to minimize the width of the face without adding hair volume at the cheekbone.

If you like the hair style with layers, you must make sure the hair layer does not stop at the chin. This is a big no-no because it does not change any effect on the face.

Layer that is suitable for the owner of a round face is a soft layer is thin and shaggy layers. The second layer is ideal for this kind of round face.
from: (af1/af1) wolipop.com

05 October, 2010

Tips Rejuvenate hair with Aloe Vera

Swimming is fun, but the chlorine in pool water content often makes your hair become dry. This is very annoying because the loss of hair beauty.
Overcoming it is actually not difficult. You just have to make special treatment once a week with aloe vera. Here's how:

1. Combine 1 / 2 cup aloe vera gel, 1 / 2 cup olive oil and 1 / 2 teaspoon of jojoba oil,
2. Apply the mixture on the scalp,
3. Let stand for 10 minutes,
4. Clean and wash hair with shampoo.

The content of vitamin C and E on aloe vera good for maintaining the damaged hair. Jojoba oil (also) good to moisturize dry hair.

from: (af1/af1) wolipop.com

04 October, 2010

Hair Healthy During Pregnancy Period

During pregnancy, there is a change in the body, this is caused by hormonal changes. One of them is the change in hair texture. For that, it needs special care in treating hair.

Things to avoid during pregnancy are waving and hair coloring. The content contained in them contain chemicals that should be avoided, because it will affect the fetus in the womb.

Using shampoo and conditioner of chemicals should also be avoided. Use herbal shampoo manifold so as not to give the dangerous side effects.

The content of shampoo from natural materials such as from fruits and vegetables are also good to nourish the scalp and hair. Acid content of fruits will cleanse the pores of the scalp and makes the skin stay hydrated.

If you want more treatment. Hair mask made himself the right choice, compared to treatment at the salon. From a melon or bananas suitable for the condition hair while pregnant. Both materials will nourish the scalp and should not pose any danger.

Easy to do it, destroy the fruits and add olive oil or jojoba oil. Then apply the mixture to the hair. Scalp massage while. Then wrap the hair with warm towel and let stand for 30 minutes.

Do this treatment once a week and feel the results. Hair becomes more healthy during pregnancy.

from: (kick / kick) wolipop.com

03 October, 2010

Hair Style: Bright Lights, Big City

Sexi Lexi on episode 7: Bright Lights, Big City
hair battle spectacular

This was really my hardest blog to write. Again and again I have ideas and I just don't execute them properly. If I only could not get so nervous. Halfway through the Check Up challenge, I realized I should have just built it on her head.

Strategy-wise of course Tsunami would pick me. With him I really didn't take it personally because he always was kind and I really enjoyed his presence. No hard feelings.

My nervousness, lack of confidence and not knowing what I was doing really made it hard to time my work. I'm the kind of person who won't finish till it's done. With a lot of trial and error, it really seemed to take up a lot of my time. I look back now and would love to redo a lot of my creations. The ideas were there, just poorly executed. I'll tell u one thing, I feel very inspired by these concepts and will be using them in upcoming shoots.

I had this idea, a device that could teleport you using a remote. I wanted it to look kind of like a black hole.

I'm just pumped I made it this far. I learned so much, starting with having more confidence in myself. Insecurities and people’s opinions have been something I've struggled with my whole life. Watching myself really made me feel like I was in elementary school, looking for approval. From the show, I have realized that at the end of the day, people’s criticisms don't matter. I'm a heartfelt artist with limitless possibilities. I don't doubt myself so much and truly am a stronger person because of it. One thing I wouldn't change is how I treated everyone on the show. I still think all of us are so talented, and there's plenty of room for success. I don't doubt that I will see these people again. No hard feelings, and I love and respect my competitors and know that greater things are out there for all of us.

from: http://hair-battle-spectacular.oxygen.com

Hair Battle Spectacular

Hair Battle Spectacular is an American television series that premiered on the cable network Oxygen on August 10, 2010. The show follows 10 of America's hottest fantasy hair stylist as they battle it out in the ring for a $100,000 grand prize and to see who can create the most outrageous hair styles that resemble everything from multi-layer wedding cakes to toys with moveable pieces. The Hair Battle Theme song "Nobody's Gonna Stop Me by Taylor Lee and Russell W.

Causes of Hair Loss

Many things can trigger hair loss. The main cause of hair loss is stress. Stress can occur because of work or family problems.

Besides hair loss after major surgery is also common. Hair loss is temporary and nothing to fear.

Hormonal imbalance can also cause hair loss. After childbirth, many women are worried about their hair loss. This is due to their high levels of the hormone.

Other causes are drugs. If you are undergoing chemotherapy, taking birth control pills and vitamin A in excess, your hair can fall out. Therefore, start reducing the consumption of the drug when it is healthy.

If you suffer from fungal infections of the scalp or lupus or diabetes, you are also susceptible to hair loss. hair loss may be an indicator of this condition. Immediately see a doctor.

Hair that is too often ponytail horses also can cause hair loss. Therefore do not be too often tie a horse. Arrange your hair with if forced to tie up her hair, tied with a bond that is not too strong.

If you are experiencing hair loss is very excessive, you should immediately contact a doctor. Furthermore, physical or doctor will check your scalp. Then you will be given oral medication or drugs that are given directly to your scalp.