26 September, 2010

Natural Protein Hair For Health

Not only the body, hair needs protein to maintain health. Performance becomes more beautiful hair if sufficient protein.

Keratin is a protein needed by the hair. As quoted from gracenglamour, if the hair has this protein, hence less damage to the hair and hair growth will be good.

Protein-protein what is needed hair? This is it!
Shiny hair
To get the shiny hair, can be obtained from natural materials. Extracts of milk, vegetables and wheat are blended into one, and then applied to the scalp. These materials makes the hair becomes more healthy and shiny.

Curly hair care
One of the best protein for treatment of curly hair is by using a mixture of almond oil, honey and conditioner. Almond oil can be bought in supermarkets. Smeared on the hair and let sit for at least 20 minutes. Almond oil and honey will nourish the hair. While the conditioner will give luster to the hair.

Fine hair
To make the hair to be smooth and easily managed, can do the treatment with egg. Take one or two eggs in accordance with the length of your hair. Break the eggs in a bowl and add olive oil. If you want to make the mixture more fluid can add conditioner.

Whisk all ingredients, then apply on hair. Cover hair with warm towel and let stand for one hour. If diligently doing this treatment, you will mendapatakan hair becomes finer and more beautiful.

source: http://www.wolipop.com

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