10 August, 2010

Create Wavy Hair Trick

Create wavy hair expands and takes a long time, especially in the morning. How easy and quick?

Lots of things to do in the morning. Starting from preparing breakfast for the family to take care of themselves for the office.

Styling to make it look pretty with wavy hair style it was impossible to do in the morning. But there are tricks you can do to get wavy hair in the morning. Here's how to do it.

1. Wash hair at night and drained the water from the head,
2. Use styling cream from roots to ends of your hair,
3. Tie your hair tight at the back of the neck and go to sleep,
4. In the morning, remove the ties and comb your hair with a comb.

With this trick, then you will get wavy hair smooth and shiny on the shoulder. Good luck!

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