09 August, 2010

Scalp Massage Technique For Healthy Hair

The reason for doing the massage on the scalp for healthy hair is. More good news again, this massage does not need to be done by professionals.

The advantage is the scalp massage to improve circulation to the scalp. This simple activity will make the hair roots receive nutrients faster and pushing toxins out of the head so the hair cells will be better.

Scalp massage can be done by hand without any help when the head is dry or using oil. To perform the massage with the hands alone, all you need is a fingertip to rub the scalp with a hoop. There is no right way or wrong, but if you start to feel the tingling of the scalp, then massage is working.

Begin massaging the front of the head and slowly to the rear. Perform this massage in two to three minutes and you can do it as seldom or as often as possible every day. The best time to do this massage before washing your hair.

Scalp massage with oil will provide more benefits. Besides the benefits obtained as above, scalp massaging with oil will lubricate the scalp so that no dandruff.

Use of these oils also rejuvenate a dry scalp, encourages hair natural oil production and to overcome a series of hair problems such as damaged hair, hair tip branching, soften the hair and strengthen hair roots.

Unlike massage by hand only, the use of this oil can only be a maximum of once a week and could not do alone. Go to a salon to get a massage from a professional.

If you still want to do this yourself, then you need is a bowl of oil by placing the bowl in a pan of hot water (do not let water into the bowl). Make sure the oil well in warm and not hot to avoid burning the scalp.

Apply the oil on the finger tip and then coat it with oil scalp. You can also apply the oil from the roots to the ends of hair.

After rubbing the oil throughout the hair, use your fingers to make the movement slowly. Start the massage from the side of the ear and then to the top of his head and slowly to the back of the neck. Leave the oil on your scalp for 30 to 60 minutes or longer Baruk and then washed.

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