28 August, 2010

No No Hair Removal

If you are just like the majority of women, then you realize just how annoying it is to try and keep your legs as smooth as silk – for many, it is a battle that is all too often lost. There are a number of things out there you can do to attempt to find a perfect answer to the hair removal process. However, as you know, hair will grow back much faster than you remove it, and before you know it, you are back to square one. In order to stifle your frustrations and find the perfect hair removal device for your needs, you should seriously consider the new, No!No! Hair Removal System, which effectively removes hair on a patented, new Thermicon technology – very close to laser hair removal.

No No Hair Removal System – Does It Work? 

The No!No! Hair Removal system gets it name as a contraction of “no hair, no pain” to “no!no!” The No!No! Hair Removal system uses heat transference to transfer heat from the device to the hair follicle.
Here is how the No!No! Works:
When the heat of the sensor is hottest, a wire heats up your hair, which separtes it from the shaft when the device contacts it. The highest portion of the hair becomes bristly, then you flatten it by buffing and polishing the legs to a silky finish.
Because of this thermal transfer process, it hinders the combining of follicle cells, causing the amount of hair that actually grows back to reduce to up to 90% or more.
The No!No! Hair Removal System comes with several varying sizes of “hot blades,” which are thermal “razors” which help to remove the hair – the size you use depends on the length of the hair. It also comes with a cleaning kit, carry case, power adapter, and a tutorial DVD, along with a printed manual so you will never be lost on how to use the device effectively.
All you need to do for the initial set up is plug the device in the wall and use the No!No! wherever you would like to remove hair from your body. As long as the indicator light is green, then you know you are getting somewhere – green means you are using the device correctly. If the light blinks, then you must adjust the speed in which you are moving the device.
The No!No! Hair Removal System is truly a professional, effective – yet easy – system to use in the comfort of your own home; and, it is portable enough to use it whenever and wherever you need – whether in the office, at home, or even in the car.

source :Sally Ann Jeffers-http://www.NoNoHairRemovers.com

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