06 August, 2010

Japanese Hair Straightening

I bet you got annoyed about using the flat iron each morning, so here's a longer lasting hair straightening technique that will help you out in the everyday styling. Also called as yuko straightening, or thermal reconditioning, the Japanese hair straightening is one of the most long lasting ones at the moment. It takes from 2 to 6 hours to get it, but it lasts about one year. The procedure time depends on the hair's length and type.

It involves applying relaxers to your hair and treating it with chemicals. Than the hair is separated in stripes, ironed, rinsed and blow dried. After the treatment, keep your hair away from sun and make sure you moisturize it well. It is recommended to have a proper deep conditioning and the use of UV protective products that will assure your hair's health. Also, you should wait at least 2 months before dying it again.

The Japanese hair straightening is a bit more expensive than the Brazilian one, but it also has a longer lasting result. It provides a sleek, smooth and shiny hair.
When looking for a saloon, make sure the hairdresser has enough experience, because this technique need special skills and training to make it well. It involves chemical treatments, so the hairdresser should be quite aware of what's happening on your head.
Tips for the best results:
get a haircut after having the treatment. Having a different texture might help you choose a better haircut.
tell your hairdresser everything about the treatments your hair had, like relaxers for examples. If your hair was relaxed before, you might not be able to get the Japanese hair straightening treatment. Your hairdresser can tell you how much time you need to wait until it's ok to straighten your hair.
it is a less damaging process than flat ironing your hair each day
it is not recommended for African hair types.
you'll need to use special shampoos and conditioners. Your hairdresser will tell you more about that
in the first 72 hours, avoid contact with wet or moisture.
So stop being frustrated about your imperfect hair and forget about frizzy, unmanageable hair. It is a Japanese technique that proved to be effective in any single way. Find the best saloon and get your hair done. Get professional hair treatments and enjoy a shiny helathy hair.

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