23 August, 2010

Is Home Electrolysis Hair Removal Finally An Effective Option?

The debates have raged for many years: is home electrolysis hair removal treatment one big scam or does it work as well as electrolysis treatment in a salon?

Most people who have considered going the electrolysis route are aware that it is the only hair removal treatment which has FDA approval for the permanent removal of hair but it is also an expensive and somewhat uncomfortable process. These are the downsides to being hair free.
Home electrolysis hair removal treatment on the other hand, provokes much more uncertainty. Even though people will never completely agree on this subject, we have heard the rumblings of acceptance over the last few years. This is mainly due to one home electrolysis kit which has been getting largely positive reviews from people who have used it.
The device in question is the Vector electrolysis hair removal system which many people have reported as providing the same permanent results as you would get if you shelled out thousands for professional treatment.

There is a reason why the Vector has been more successful than other home electrolysis devices. As opposed to asking you to insert a needle into the hair’s follicle which is a complex process for most people, the Vector incorporates conductive tweezers which send a bolt of electricity into each hair once you have grasped it between the tweezer’s tips.
You must accept that this still takes a long time because you have to ‘tweezer’ and zap all the hairs you don’t want to see again. But the results are proving that the Vector works in the long run and that once zapped the hair doesn’t come back.
Like professional electrolysis treatment you do have to contend with a level of discomfort when using the device. But because no needle is actually inserted into the follicle, the pain is less than you face in the salon.
This alone, has convinced many people that the Vector is for them. As long as you have the convinction to complete the treatment, the general consensus seems to be that it will do the job it promises.
I’m sure the debates will continue around the topic of home electrolysis treatment, but the Vector electrolysis hair removal system has answered the prayers of a lot of people and if you are a believer in home electrolysis, the Vector is the only name you need remember.



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