21 October, 2010

4 How to Overcome Dandruff Natural

Dandruff is one problem often faced hair. There are so many anti-dandruff shampoo, but most shampoos are too harsh for hair so that makes it defective.

Natural materials is a safe way to deal with dandruff. As a bonus, the materials to make hair more beautiful. Here are four ways to make the hair free of dandruff with natural materials, such as that quoted from dry skin care guide.
Mouth freshener
You've probably never heard of this before, apparently content effective antibacterial in the mouth freshener overcome dandruff and itching of the scalp. Combine mouth freshener with purified water and your shampoo in a cup. Berkeramaslah as normal while massaging the scalp with your fingers to increase circulation to the hair cuticle. Routine maintenance will expel bacteria and dandruff.

The content of potassium and enzymes in the vinegar can help prevent dandruff and itchy scalp. Combine that with a little vinegar water. Before bed, apply ampuran it on the scalp, then wrap the hair with a towel. The next day, wash your hair after getting out of bed. The result would you feel after treatment for two weeks.

Olive oil
The content of vitamin E is not only good for the body's skin, but also to the scalp. Combine olive oil with almonds. Apply on hair and massage the scalp with fingers. Clean up after massaging the scalp hair.

Aloe vera
Aloe vera or aloe vera has been known since ancient to rid dandruff. Pour the extract of aloe vera on the head are often dandruff, let sit and wash after 15 minutes. After a few treatments, dandruff on the head will be lost.

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