06 October, 2010

The Pas Hair Cuts For Round Face

Long hair may be one of the most convenient option for those who have a round face. The only appearance to look beautiful with long hair is to ensure the proper pieces, depending on the uniqueness of your face owned.

A round face is the easiest to recognize. Length to face almost the same width. If it is not too similar, usually round face has a very gentle curvature.
Lots of hair styles that can be applied to a round face, during the following ground rules. A basic rule to remember is that a suitable hairstyle for round face is the hairstyle that reduces the width of the face to make them look like ovals.

One of the best options to balance a round face with long hair is straight and smooth. Haircut like this is very good to minimize the width of the face without adding hair volume at the cheekbone.

If you like the hair style with layers, you must make sure the hair layer does not stop at the chin. This is a big no-no because it does not change any effect on the face.

Layer that is suitable for the owner of a round face is a soft layer is thin and shaggy layers. The second layer is ideal for this kind of round face.
from: (af1/af1) wolipop.com

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