13 October, 2010

New Hair Style Pauly D Hair Tutorial

Jersey Shore's Pauly D Shows Off His Hair Skills
MTV's Jersey Shore cast member DJ Pauly D (aka Paul Delvecchio) is quickly becoming well known for
his labor-intensive blowout — for better or worse. Now he's done us all the service of taping a step-by-step tutorial for his look. Many Italian-Americans and New Jerseyans are understandably none too pleased about the show's depiction of the Shore and its residents, but Pauly clearly doesn't see himself as a bad representative of his community. What do you think? Is it cool for Pauly and his self-described "Guido" housemates to trumpet whatever grooming routine they like, or does a handful of 20-somethings' love of hair gel and tanning play up stereotypes?


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