04 October, 2010

Hair Healthy During Pregnancy Period

During pregnancy, there is a change in the body, this is caused by hormonal changes. One of them is the change in hair texture. For that, it needs special care in treating hair.

Things to avoid during pregnancy are waving and hair coloring. The content contained in them contain chemicals that should be avoided, because it will affect the fetus in the womb.

Using shampoo and conditioner of chemicals should also be avoided. Use herbal shampoo manifold so as not to give the dangerous side effects.

The content of shampoo from natural materials such as from fruits and vegetables are also good to nourish the scalp and hair. Acid content of fruits will cleanse the pores of the scalp and makes the skin stay hydrated.

If you want more treatment. Hair mask made himself the right choice, compared to treatment at the salon. From a melon or bananas suitable for the condition hair while pregnant. Both materials will nourish the scalp and should not pose any danger.

Easy to do it, destroy the fruits and add olive oil or jojoba oil. Then apply the mixture to the hair. Scalp massage while. Then wrap the hair with warm towel and let stand for 30 minutes.

Do this treatment once a week and feel the results. Hair becomes more healthy during pregnancy.

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