07 October, 2010

Tips to Protect and Shine Hair with Water

Shampoo, conditioner and mask is good for hair health, but there is one thing that is also good for hair but forgotten, namely water.

Water is not just wet your hair, if used properly, the water can make hair more beautiful. As quoted from health.com, the following tips to make hair shiny and protected by water.
Leave the warm water when you clean your hair from shampoo and use cold water. In addition to making a layer of the hair cuticle closed so that no dirt that comes into the scalp, cold water was also to make hair more shiny.

You must already know that water containing chlorine or salt can make the hair becomes rough. Overcoming this was not difficult.

Things you should do is to wet the hair with plain water so that entry into the hair and water that contains chlorine or salt can not damage your hair.

from: (af1/af1) wolipop.com

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