03 October, 2010

Causes of Hair Loss

Many things can trigger hair loss. The main cause of hair loss is stress. Stress can occur because of work or family problems.

Besides hair loss after major surgery is also common. Hair loss is temporary and nothing to fear.

Hormonal imbalance can also cause hair loss. After childbirth, many women are worried about their hair loss. This is due to their high levels of the hormone.

Other causes are drugs. If you are undergoing chemotherapy, taking birth control pills and vitamin A in excess, your hair can fall out. Therefore, start reducing the consumption of the drug when it is healthy.

If you suffer from fungal infections of the scalp or lupus or diabetes, you are also susceptible to hair loss. hair loss may be an indicator of this condition. Immediately see a doctor.

Hair that is too often ponytail horses also can cause hair loss. Therefore do not be too often tie a horse. Arrange your hair with if forced to tie up her hair, tied with a bond that is not too strong.

If you are experiencing hair loss is very excessive, you should immediately contact a doctor. Furthermore, physical or doctor will check your scalp. Then you will be given oral medication or drugs that are given directly to your scalp.

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