05 July, 2010

Causes Of Hair Loss: Severe Head Injuries & Child Birth

In today's article we are going to discuss two physical reasons why a person may experience hair loss. This information has been reported to be very accurate and taken from actual studies of men and women who have undergone either severe physical trauma to the scalp area, and women who have experienced hair loss soon after giving birth.

Head Injuries & Physical Trauma To The Scalp
Permanent hair loss can be a direct result of a severe physical injury to a person's scalp. Although in some cases the hair might grow back, the majority of head trauma victims will have a total loss of hair for the rest of their life. Some possible head trauma examples would be chemical burns from acid or other highly flammable substances, severe cutting and damage from a blunt object, and over-exposure to cold temperatures such as freezing from liquid nitrogen or from frostbite.

At times, physical damage that causes hair loss may not come in the form of a severe injury as described above. For example, if a person wears a tight fitting helmet or other headgear that causes continuous pressure, this can lead to permanent hair loss.

Surgical operations that went wrong can cause permanent hair loss, such as cosmetic surgeries like scalp reduction or a face lift. They may even have suffered from an incorrect hair replacement surgery as well.

Hair Loss In Women Who Have Gave Birth

Some women experience a temporary loss of hair soon after giving birth. The term for this condition is called “telogen effluvium”. What happens here is that during the 2nd and 3rd trimester, the hair follicles that a woman has stays in the “growing phase” longer than it should have. So instead of the hair going through the normal regeneration cycle and shedding like it's supposed to, the hair follicles remain active and do not fall to the wayside which results in extremely thick hair.

Many women enjoy this temporary burst of luxurious hair growth. Unfortunately, this hair growth is not permanent. Within 12 weeks after giving birth, the woman's hair follicles will go back into their normal growth cycle. This means that all of this extra thick hair that should have been shedding for the last few months, as everyone's hair sheds normally, will now begin to fall out at a rapid pace, and usually does so all at once. This condition is temporary and is merely the result of a woman's body bouncing back to its original state as it was before becoming pregnant.

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  1. Great insights on hair loss, particularly with post pregnancy hair growth stages.