05 July, 2010

Kiyoseki Hair Styler - One For All Hair Styler

Kiyoseki Hair Styler is your home solution to achieve beautiful professional style hair. The Kiyoseki Styler provides 3 in 1 capabilities in one. The hair styler can be used as a hair straightener, volumizer and curling iron.
Kiyoseki Styler has features special blend ceramic plates that are produced from the fusion of Tourmaline and Kiyoseki minerals. They are designed to regulate controlled heat and ions to produce completely manageable hair.

The fusion of these minerals that are used in the plates has a single important purpose, it is to bathe your hair in shine producing ions. So you don't have to go to salon anymore to perform with this celebrity style hair look. The plates of Kiyoseki Hair Styler distribute the heat evenly, thus styling your hair from inside out.

Kiyoseki Styler has a variable digital temperature control, so you can set it easily to the right temperature of your desire. Plus it heats up in seconds and will continue to maintain its temperature during usage.

Besides the rich features, Kiyoseki Hair Styler is very convenient to use. It has ultra light, an extra long tangle-free 10 feet swivel cord, and a slip-free grip.

There are many styles for different occasions, there are times when you want to have straight hair, but other times you want to change a little bit by wearing your hair in curls. And other occasions, you want to volumize your hair. You can do all these stylings using only one hair styler wand, that is Kiyoseki Hair Styler. Other products may only have one function for each of them so often you need to spend extra money to buy a hair straightener, volumizer, or a curling iron.

So with Kiyoseki Styler now you can save money and space on your hair dresser.

The Kiyoseki Styler harness the power of natural ionic capabilities of Tourmaline, combined with a very rare superb ion producer Kiyoseki mineral that can only be found in Japan.

So whatever problems you encounter with your hair whether it's frizzy and coarse, uncontrollably thick, or limp and thin. As you pass over your hair the Kiyoseki Ceramic Styler, it will lock your hair's own conditioning moisture and the superb ion producer Kiyoseki will help straighten, curl or volumize in a single pass.

Currently, Kiyoseki Hair Styler comes with a styling comb, three styling clips and a wide styling paddle brush. It also gives you an Instructional DVD, a nice travel case, 2 oz shine finishing mist bottle and 2 oz conditioning mist bottle.

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