19 July, 2010

How Times Change Your Hair Style Year

Not be an exaggeration if one says Hair is the crown of women. A survey in England revealed that the appearance of hair, which manifested itself from the discount and the order, to be one attraction that many women preferred men.

The survey also revealed, during her life she did change her hair style with an average of 104 times. In the age range 13 to 65 years, they made some changes in hair styles such as layering, shorten, to paint, at least twice a year.

As quoted from the page of the Times of India, a survey conducted on 3000 women of various age ranges. As many as 44 percent said they need to make changes in hair style out of boredom. As many as 61 percent said, "Just wanted a change."

As many as 25 percent of participants said it was necessary to go to the hairdresser because he wanted to 'reinvent' themselves. As many as 38 percent want to increase confidence. While 17 percent admitted to trick after finding more and more gray hairs on his head.

"Women are always using their hair as a way to change the look, the hair are regarded to have a big impact visually," says Collinge, hairdresser Andrew Collinge, who led the survey.

Collinge says, although the majority of women often make changes in hair style, however, rarely did so in the extreme. "They usually only add modern texture without changing the length, or do different techniques of drying and styling as is often done Jennifer Aniston," he said.

In general, the main reason that makes women like to experiment with hair appearance is due to boredom. However, some are changing hairstyles of a broken heart, or to mark a new phase of life

Source: kosmo.vivanews.com

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