05 July, 2010

Salvation For Curly Hair

Some say that beauty is in the eyes, but I say, that women's beauty and attractiveness is hidden in their hair. With the help of shiny stream of long hair or a thoroughly made hairdo we can both conquer and save the world. We should just touch our hair playfully and tricky and men lose all their serious games.

Such a truth was once told me by my grandmother, who had been wearing long blond hair for all of her life till they turn grey. I inherited curly red hair from my mother with Scottish roots in her genealogical tree.

Last time I went to a hairdresser I was told that my curly hair needs extra care as they are more inclined to become over-dry, fragile and as a result, faded and lifeless. Unlike my grandparents and previous generation on the whole I have to spend all my life being affected by different unhealthy factors as smog, undustrial and car fumes, bad food and water, consumption of harmful additions and, which is my black side, smoking. Does it mean, that by me men will always win their games? I won't let other women be my competitors just because my hair have lost all their power of attractiveness. I've listened to my hairdresser's advice and became strongly determinated to follow it. Moreover, I was advised to use particular hair care products. I want just to share my experience with other women to save their time, money and efforts.

So... first of all don't be misled by the diversity of curly hair care systems. Look for sulfate free and botanically drenched ones. The most suitable example is DevaCurl hair care system. DevaCurl hair care product line contains all necessary for frizz items - fresheners, diffusers, gels, cleansers, moisturizers, shampoos and other articles. I've been using this DevaCurl for half a year, ordering hair care products on-line, and now go to a hairdresser not for advice but rather to show off with my victory.

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