21 July, 2010

Mysterious healthy shampoo hair in 14 Days

Hair problems are problems that are considered important for most people, especially women. From the results of recent research reveals, 68% of women believed that hair branching is the main problem. While 65% of women concerned with hair loss and damaged hair, dull and unruly is the main problem for 59% of women.

"Style of life and everyday activities can become a trigger hair problems. As he often did blow, rebonding, perming and coloring," said a professional hair stylist, Alfons, when found in the '14 event Transformation by Alfons Hair Days', at Grand Indonesian , Jakarta, Monday, July 19, 2010.

Damaged and unruly hair usually occurs due care and hair products from chemicals. To overcome this, much the way the hair to restore luster. But according to Alfons, the solution does not need to bother. "With easy maintenance, ie washing your hair regularly with the right product can also be a good way to restore strength and health of the hair."

To prove it, you can feel the sensation of a free shampoo, commenced on 19 July - August 1, 2010 starting at 09:00 to 19:00 pm at West Mall, Ground Level, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta. Using a shampoo that has been attempted by 150 million people in 40 countries, you can feel the change in hair within 14 days.

"We will not mention what shampoo we use before date of August 2. But, we believe, damage the natural hair that you can experience the improvement until 14 days trial, "he assured.

Therefore, if you're interested in doing a free shampoo with shampoo mysterious, please try and feel the sensation.


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