08 July, 2010

How To Find The Right Female Hair Loss Treatment

No one likes losing their hair, especially women. Most people think of men when you think of hair loss, but women do suffer from losing hair too.

It can be difficult for a woman to go through losing her hair and do something to treat the condition is important. This article will tell you how to find the right female hair loss treatment!

The first thing you must do is understand why you are losing your hair in the first place. When you know why you are losing your hair it is easier to do this. Many medical conditions are some of the leading causes of loss of hair in women.

You need to go to your doctor and talk to them about your problem. In some cases you may have a greater undiagnosed medical condition such as Diabetes that is causing you to lose your hair. So you can begin treating the problem going to your doctor will help you better understand why you are losing your hair.

While talking to your doctor you should ask them if the prescription medicine you are taking could be causing the loss of hair. Some of the side effects of prescription medicine cause this. Your doctor or pharmacist can tell you if the medicine you are taking could be causing you to lose hair.

Next, you need to understand the two major types of hair loss in women. The first is androgenetic alopecia. This is a genetic condition where the hormone dihydrotestosterone is causing hair follicles to shrink and hair stops growing on them. The second is alopecia areata. This is an immune disease that affects many women around the world.

Now, what are your treatment options? If you suffer from androgenetic alopecia it is best to talk to your doctor and they can recommend prescription medicine that will help. Because there are a variety of different medical options and variables like age and the extent of your loss come in to play if you suffer from alopecia areata you need to talk to your doctor.

You may not even need to treat it at all. Pregnancy, surgery, and stress can cause temporary loss of hair in women and will usually reverse themselves over time. It does not matter what you are suffering from or what treatment you need, going to your doctor is the best thing you can do!

Losing hair can be embarrassing for many people, especially women. Follow the information provide in this article on how to find the female hair loss treatment that is right for you and you can be on your way to treating it in no time!

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