18 July, 2010

In order for hair No Damage After Swimming

After a good swim in the pool or at sea, straight hair definitely feels rough. High content of salt and chlorine indeed make hair dry. Hair will look dull and could be broken.
To avoid this there are three ways you can do.

1. Wet Hair
Before entering into the pool or play in the ocean, wet your hair first. If you are using a swim cap, wet the hair with regular water and then use a leave-in conditioner before the cap. That's because wet hair will not absorb as much chlorine as they dry hair.

2. Wash immediately
Chlorine is a kind of poison. The longer you let the chlorine attached to the hair, eat the damage will worsen. Sea salt also has the same effect if they are left stuck in the hair long. To rinse your hair immediately after swimming. If you have not had time to clean with shampoo, at least rinse with water.

3. Chlorine cleanser shampoo
To clean the hair from chlorine use a special shampoo. That's because the shampoo was not able to clean the chlorine used optimally. You can get them at special shops that sell hair and beauty treatments.

Source: kosmo.vivanews.com

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