28 July, 2010

Damaged Hair Care To Overcome

Damaged hair can become an obstacle to perform optimally. Because the hair looks dull and looks broken. How do I fix this?

Damaged hair due to the hair cuticle so the hair piece does not become brittle. This causes the hair to be forked and broken.

Damage to the hair can be caused by excessive chemical processes, hair are always contaminated with heater, like a blow dryer and vise. Can also too many chemicals used for hair, such as hairspray.

The best action to overcome the already damaged hair is to cut off the damaged hair. Avoid damage to your hair with hair coloring, or always in contact with the heater hair. Mode only exacerbate hair kedaan.

Diligent treatment hair mask, better yet if you're wearing a homemade mask by mixing avocado and coconut oil. Apply on the hair and let stand for 30 minutes. Hair masks will protect the hair follicle, softens and provides extra moisture to the hair.

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