06 July, 2010

How to Stop Hair Loss Naturally - This is How to Treat Hair Loss in Men & Women the Natural Way!

Hair loss is a very common problem. Many people suffer from this condition, which can have a very negative emotional outcome and create anxiety and stress, both in men and women.
But, what are its causes?

Heredity and hormonal imbalances: The levels of the hormone testosterone in the body seem to be responsible for this problem.
Age: As we get older, our glands shrink and produce thinner and shorter hair.
Pregnancy: Some women experience these symptoms during pregnancy because of hormonal imbalances.
Illness or excessive stress: Sometimes the problem appears due to illness, severe stress, extreme weight loss and iron deficiency. Also those who suffer from thyroid disorders are likely to suffer from this condition.
Season of the year: We lose more hair during the months of November and December.
Bad habits: Compulsive hair pulling and wearing pigtails or using tight rollers can cause a condition called traction alopecia. This condition is reversible only if the pulling is stopped before scarring of the scalp develops, but after that the results are permanent. You also need to avoid using hot oil treatments or chemicals, because they can lead to inflammation.
Diet: Baldness may be caused by poor nutrition. Usually, iron deficiency can lead to this condition and for this reason you should check the iron levels in your body and take a supplement, if necessary.
So, how can I reverse baldness naturally?

Your diet seems to be a very important factor. Studies show that baldness and the quality of the food we eat are inextricably linked and that people who do not eat enough of certain nutrients tend to lose their hair at a faster rate than others. Malnutrition and rapid weight loss are two situations where the insufficient intake of vitamins can trigger baldness. What is more, chronic low water intake is associated with poor health and with an increased risk of baldness.

The most important nutrients for hair health are vitamins A, C and E, copper and zinc, iron and folic acid:

Vitamin A is essential for the good health of the epithelium. It is found in meat, fish, carrots, green leafy vegetables, pumpkins, apricots and peaches.
Vitamin C is essential for the synthesis of collagen and has an antioxidant action. Fruits (especially citrus) and vegetables (celery, peppers, carrots) are good sources of vitamin C.
Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals and is found in vegetable oils, nuts, eggs and some cereals.
Copper and zinc are useful in protein synthesis. Foods rich in zinc are seafood and mushrooms. Copper is found in many legumes and in dark chocolate.
Iron is a vital element for healthy hair. Dietary sources of iron are liver and red meat and also spinach and lentils.
Folic acid holds a key role in the replication of cells including those of the hair. Foods rich in folic acid are red meat, beans, cabbage and lettuce.

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