23 July, 2010


When you want to add an extra touch of glamour to a sexy evening dress, or a funky twist to an everyday outfit, try some hair accessories.
Hair accessories include: hair combs, hair clips, jaw clips, hairpiece, hair pins, French pins, hair barrettes, hair sticks, hair magnets, hair snaps, etc. They come in different interesting shapes, like alligator, flower, star, heart, butterfly and so on and decorated with crystals, beads, feathers, and bead in several varieties and combinations.

A headband works with all hair types. The headband is making a fashion comeback in a big way, in all colors, prints, shapes and sizes. The classic way to wear a headband is either with your hair down and tied up in a messy bun. Sweep the band from your forehead to your crown, leaving some of your bangs out. For a preppy look, try a bright plaid band; for a sexier look, wear a thin beaded band.

Scarves worn around the head like a headband, is a look anyone can pull off. It adds color and excitement to any outfit and is a great way to keep hair off your neck or face in the warmer months. Animal prints are hot this year, so why not spice up an outfit with a print scarf!

Make sure the piece is not too big for your hair.
If your hair is short, slide a couple of small diamante pins behind one ear for a subtle yet stylish look.
If your hair is long and fine, pull the top half into a mini-ponytail and tie with a bauble elastic.
If your hair is long and thick, wear it out with a medium-sized flower pinned just behind your ear, or in a bun with a larger flower secured to one side.

Create a catwalk look easily with the half-up, half-down hair do that was a hit at this season's shows. Take a small section of hair from just above each ear and secure at the back of the head with a vintage-style clip.

Barrettes or hair clips are a great way to create a simple, sleek look especially good for really short hair. With the recent explosion of hair accessories, you can find them in any shape or style. Also very popular for holding tiny dreadlocks into place to form a line of hair twists at the top of the crown.

Hair pins or bobby pins are wonderful accent pieces that nestle well into a sleek and sexy version of the French twist. Pins aren't just for grandmothers anymore! They are easy to wear and will turn your simple hairdo into a fun and flirty look. Try wearing three in a row with a side part.

Source: http://www.hairstyle.com/hair-articles/guide-accessories.htm

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