02 June, 2010

Health: Smoking Can Hair Loss?

Everyone knows that smoking is very detrimental to health hazards, including cancer, heart attacks, impotence, pregnancy and fetal disorders. There's still one more or less, it turns out the effects of cigarettes can affect hair health.

Did you know, tobacco smoke can also cause rapid hair loss and gray?

The scientists who examined the findings suggest that the toxins in cigarette smoke can damage the gland 9lubang) hair and hormones (growth) of hair.

The study was conducted by surveying men and women smokers had never smoked, the amount collected 600 people. Those who smoke are more likely to experience problems in the hair while mekera free from cigarettes have normal hair according to their age. This research report was written in BMJ

Hair Besides there are still some conditions that do not wear, including

Finger nails will turn yellow, wrinkled skin, dry or acne prone face, lips look black and white. A smoker's face is usually not as fresh they are non-smoking.

Believe it or not smoking can affect your physical form, surely you can give self-assessment. Prove it by comparing those who are smoking and not smoking.

Beware of deadly diseases caused by smoking. Love yourself before bad things haunt you. Stop smoking for a healthy life.


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