22 June, 2010

Variety Binding Techniques of Classic Hair Style

Many ways to make hair look more beautiful and sexy. One of these trends ponytail hair ponytail or a horse.

Sweet and feminine styles will be created from the ponytail hairstyle. A hair with a ponytail order can also hide a bad hair day that hit. come on, come up with ponytail hairstyle:

1. High ponytail
The higher the ponytail will make you look more sexy. Cowlick hair all round, to make hair more neat ponytail while wearing gel and then tie his full height, then blow dry the hair remedy sheen effects created by the gel. Cascade comb your hair for straightening and smoothing hair.

2. Adding Hair
To create a more feminine and sexy appearance. You can add long hair with extensions. We have many available extensions that have been shaped and adjustable lock of hair length and thickness of hair. Way too easy to use, just in a ponytail in the hair and voila! become a long ponytail.

3. Side ponytail
To create a romantic view, create a sideways bond. His hair neatly down to the ear. You can add ribbon ornaments to create a more classic look.

Source: www.wolipop.com

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