22 June, 2010

Hottest Hair Accessory Trends On The Spring - Summer 09 Catwalks

Head pieces looked hot, hot, hot on this seasons Spring/Summer 09 catwalks. The collections for designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Diane Von Furstenberg, Luella, Karl Langerfeld, Kenzo etc brought sheer delight to us and proved that we are onto something here - statement head pieces are looking hotter than ever! Oh and I love the vintage 'feel' of these hair accessories because it strikes just the right balance between old world and cutting edge contemporary interpretation.

Already we've seen fashion icons like Victoria Beckham embrace this look with the D&G hair adornment headbands she has been seen wearing about town - which I must say look absolutely fantastic against her short hairstyle, and just proves that great headpieces look superb no matter what hairstyle you wear.

True to their preshow video for the collection "Pigiama Barocco", Dolce and Gabbana thrilled with their collection inspired by classic gentlemen's spotted or striped silk pajamas, with lots of bejeweling in the models' hair and on brooches. Dolce and Gabbana used luscious silk flowers, satin ribbons and vintage style trinkets and jewels to decorate their hair accessories and brooches. Whilst I'm not sure how well the 'gentlemen's' pajama look will translate in real life, it's wonderful to see such a wealth of detail in a collection.

Back to Victoria Beckham for a minute: soon after the 09 shows she was seen in Milan wearing this fantastic D&G red and fuchsia headband decorated in bows and jewels which finished her all black look perfectly.

Luella's collection too has apparently inspired Londoners to go searching high and low for vintage inspired headpieces with French netting.

Evankyr Gelis

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