10 June, 2010

Overcome Early Aging Hair by Hair Spa

Aging on the hair due to external factors such as the use of a hair dryer, pollution, and chemical products. Signs of aging in the hair is getting thinner hair, no shine, and difficult to manage.
According to Arnaud Trevisani, General Manager of L'oreal Professional, there are two kinds of aging hair. "Aging happens to the hair root and aging are influenced by external factors," he said.

The characteristics of aging that occur on the roots of the hair is hair growth slows and the declining quality of new hair. In addition to external factors, aging in hair are also caused by internal factors, such as consumption of less nutritious foods.

While aging on hair shaft which is influenced by external factors, such as air pollution, use a hair dryer, as well as chemical products in the hair. If the hair is experiencing aging with traits that have been mentioned above, Arnaud suggested that people should be doing routine maintenance both at home and in salons.

One hair care that can be done to overcome the aging in the hair is hair spa. "Hair spa is perfect for making hair look softer and healthier," explained Arnaud. Hair spa did not have much of a difference with a hair mask.

Hair spa treatments which promote the concept of a soothing and relaxing spa has an advantage when compared with a hair mask and creambath. "So, a hair spa is not only to relax," adds Arnaud. In addition, a hair spa also has a function to menutrisi, rejuvenate, and restore energy after a day of inactivity.

According to Arnaud, a hair spa is not just ordinary creambath because hair has some type of spa treatments tailored to each person's hair condition. Starting from dry hair, dandruff scalp tends, sensitive, and fall. But keep in mind, before making a hair spa treatment, one should first consult and diagnose hair and scalp type.

"This was done so that clients get the proper treatment to overcome his hair," adds Arnaud.

In addition to the salon, a hair spa can be done at home using a special shampoo and hair tonic with ingredients similar to a hair spa. "Choose a shampoo that contains sorbitol derivatives and vitamine PP," he said.

Both the content is useful to overcome the problem of aging in the hair. Hair rough and difficult to manage will be smooth and soft.

source: lifestyle.okezone.com


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