23 June, 2010

Pamper Hair with Natural Ingredients

Want healthier hair and charming? Take advantage of the natural wealth to take care of him.
Hair is an important part for the appearance of a woman. In addition to supporting performances, this one part of the body has an important task to protect the scalp from the heat of the sun and other unfriendly weather.

Work activities that cause stress and a high level of pollution is very dangerous for the health of the hair. Hair becomes brittle and fall off, and scalp dandruff occurs because the hair roots (follicles) lacks nutrients. In addition because of the weather, the food we asup also great effect on hair condition.

The damage is getting worse if we often overload the hair with a hair dryer or use hair dye. A hair dryer heat and chemicals make hair lose its natural moisture so it looks dull and brittle. 

To restore the beauty of your hair, do routine maintenance. If you do not have time to the salon, you can, really, do it yourself at home care with natural ingredients. Want to try? 

• Tea 
Not just for your health, tea is also good for hair beauty. All types of tea have the ability of each hair healthy. Content of antioxidants in green tea (green tea) can protect the hair from the evil of pollution exposure. Jasmine tea is believed to increase hair luster. While the taste of mint tea can be selected to cool the scalp. The content of the fresh mint able to remove fat and reduce dandruff and itchiness on the scalp. 

• Chicken Eggs 
Food is very good on this one as hair conditioner. High protein content helps strengthen and thicken hair. Hair Care with eggs will also increase hair luster. But the stench of eggs can sometimes make us reluctant to use it. To remove fishy odor, lemon drops into the beaten eggs. New applied to the hair as a mask. 

• Chocolate 
For dry hair, try treating it with a brown mask. Chocolate can restore scalp and hair moisture. Hair softer and smoother. Fragrant, sweet and creamy chocolate also made the feeling more relaxed during and after treatment. 

• Yoghurt 
Usefulness of yogurt to the skin are not confidential. You can also prove beneficial for hair menutrisi. Yoghurt can moisturise and strengthen hair roots, thus preventing hair loss. In addition, the use of yogurt on a regular basis will also prevent hot-gray hair. Use yogurt as a hair mask regularly every two weeks. Even more radiant hair. 


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