08 June, 2010

Prom Hair a la Celebrity

Celebrities are usually beautiful and elegant in parties, so they can force us to imitate.

Hair styles are not hard kok diikutin, but the result is guaranteed okay! Look at Liv Tyler's hair style is feminine. This classic style is suitable for who have short hair. If Julianne Moore's hair looks better on you that straight hair and a little volume. For long hair over her shoulders, you can follow hairstyles Jennifer Garner. With a large chignon, and the bangs make you look feminine but cute. Angelina Jolie's hair is slightly dikriting and tied to the back half of this match you're a little boy. In addition to simple, you do not need to use various accessories. Meanwhile, curly-haired Kate Winslet could emulate the sophisticated style. How, have found inspiration from the hair styles of Hollywood celebrities? Do not forget to bring a sample picture of the model's hair salon when you go to yes. Good