06 June, 2010

Meso-therapy Effective For Preventing LOSS?

Severe loss to the cause of baldness is one scary thing for a woman. Now that a treatment can be done to overcome these problems, namely Mesotherapi.

Mesotherapy is a treatment that aims to increase fertility and reactivate the hair roots by way of injecting vitamins and minerals to the head. The composition of vitamins and minerals were adjusted to the needs of the patient.

Many say the therapy is painful, but many were not. This is indeed the person depending on the level of sensitivity. However, it is advisable to use the cream before injecting sick retaining vitamins and minerals to the head.

Do not assume Mesotherapy like magic where after an injection, your hair will be thick snap. In fact, hair loss and baldness can be cured with this therapy is a scalp problem caused by lack of hair nutrition.

Recommended prior to therapy, it is better to consult the physician about your problem. Maybe a solution for your problem is not Mesotherapy.

If the loss incurred was due to stress, hormone changes during pregnancy, and hair roots are not healthy, mesotherapi could be a way out. But before you decide to undergo such therapy, some treatments can be done, namely:

1. Buying shampoo with vitamin E and high amino acid.
2. Apply vitamin hair (usually in form of capsules) in hair follicles.
3. Treating hair with a hair mask.

If the above treatments do not help reduce hair loss, please consult your problem to the doctor.



  1. have tou a tips for a broken hair, because my hair still dry it's very disgusting for me. could you give me the tips, but i wanna just natural treatment. thak's before :)