22 June, 2010

The more girl With Variation Ribbon Accessories

Wearing hair accessories will add a touch of sweetness on your appearance. This time we picked up various bands as a trend that will beautify your appearance.

Hair accessory with ribbon forms a unique feature classic style. Professional hairdressers recommend wearing hair ribbons adjusted hairdo.

If you are like an elegant style, wear ribbons made of velvet or silk. For casual appearance, you can use any material polka-dot ribbon to bring in vintage style.

These tapes can be used as a bandana, tie hair style or hair clips like Kelly Osbourne, who clamped her bangs with a white ribbon.

Other options ribbon style with accessories, you can use the statement in the middle of the bow hair. Wearing a ribbon-shaped headbands are a little big to make the appearance look more cheerful and unique.

source: www.wolipop.com

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