28 June, 2010

Hair Accessories For Weddings

Wedding day is a day that awaited by every woman. During that time, a woman would have to keep up appearances. The women must be concerned with appearance from head to toe.

One part that will make women look beautiful is an interesting hairdo. There are many types of hair for the wedding. to sweeten the hairstyle, a variety of accessories can be an alternative. Among them is a tiara, headband, hairpin and haircomb.

1. Tiara
Small crown forms, which detail the form of a diamond or gemstone eyes that stand out on the top of the head. Tiara has a variety of models, there are a few eyes and spread out, there is also a stone jewels only one in the middle. Usually tiara worn at the top and pinned at the left-right head tilt position.

2. Headband
Accessory attached to the head, shape and type vary. More identical Headband worn by the women gypsi. Headband for the bride usually using gem stones or crystal and made of elastic webbing material there is even a form of wire.

3. Hairpin
The easiest type dikreasikan for the bride's hair. Shaped like a pin inlaid crystal eyes, pearls, sequins or other. Use only with the hair pin hairpin.

4. Haircomb
Known as a hair comb. Haircomb to brides typically used to sweeten the gemstone shape. Using haircomb on a special day, may give the impression interesting. strengths, stronger hair grabbed while pinned, while giving the impression neat hair.

source: www.wolipop.com

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