29 June, 2010

Beautiful with short hair

You look more fresh and young. Take care of him too easily. Good-bye bad hair day!
outsmart Short Hair

• If you want to look feminine with short hair, simply add the accessory pins or headbands. Want to look more different? Use only unique necklace as a headband instead.

• Scarf can be a perfect solution as a hiding place when it did not have time to tidy hair.

• Use a styling cream or gel-like wax on the hair to create messy preppy look or style in an instant.

• For a more dramatic impression, do experiments with hairspray. The result? More hair volume and texture is more visible.

• To model remains okay, you must often do trim the hair.

• Want to appear more challenging? Just add accent highlights in the hair.

Match Type Face
• Type the heart: Short hair with bangs is a good choice. However, without many layers haircut would likely eliminate the beauty of the cheekbone.

• oval Type: You are lucky because this type of facial hair fits for all models. However, if you want to wear bangs, try not too long and is made sideways.

• Type box: Few layers and texture to short hair would disguise the form of a grid on the face.

• Type round: Short hair for round face a very risky business owners, because it would make it look more chubby cheeks. To menyiasatinya, hair can be cut with a layer technique in the left and right side faces.

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