01 June, 2010

Thick hair, Beautiful, Shiny!

Hair problems often interfere with women's confidence. Dissatisfaction for being too thin, until the most severe hair loss and baldness that is the problem. Fortunately, thanks to technological sophistication, the hair can be transformed into long superpendek through hair extensions, hair dull could be made brighter in an instant with hair serum, and the most exciting, hair loss even bald can re-grow almost back to normal.

There are several things that can cause hair loss of fertility, among others:
• Diseases, such as high fever, or postoperatively.
• Influence of drugs (eg, chemotherapy) or too long taking certain drugs.
• Diet is wrong.
• Stress.

The goal of therapy is to nourish hair grower hair by creating a healthy environment for hair to grow, so that hair growth is turned and walked back to normal. Ranging from nutrition to give up to fix the core problems that impede the process of hair growth.
There are 4 hair therapy where you can choose:

1. Acupuncture and full-blooded
This technique is exactly the kind of traditional techniques. The goal of acupuncture is to stimulate acupressure points that can improve blood flow so as to create a good blood circulation. The result, hair re-stimulated to grow better. Another alternative can be tried are full-blooded hair.

2. Laser therapy
You can also try laser therapy. Usually, within a period of approximately three months the results can already be felt. This therapy should be performed only for you who has the problem of acute hair, or for those who experience thinning of the upper limit of normal.


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