18 June, 2010

New Solution Against Dandruff

The role of anti-dandruff shampoo alone is not potent enough to overcome the problems that often interfere with the performance of dandruff how we look. Let this new way to help you cope.

Most anti-ketompe shampoo would make our hair become dry, for this reason we often apply conditioner to hair kelembabab maintained. But, in fact sometimes even dandruff problem occurs because of improper selection of the conditioner. Why? Because according to research daro Procter & Gamble, the conditioner can remove the content of zinc pyrithione (PTZ) in anti-dandruff shampoo. PTZ is an active ingredient in shampoo is needed to control dandruff on our scalp.

A solution is to use a conditioner that also menggandung PTZ. Conditioner with PTZ application can suppress the emergence of the white noise up to 50%, compared to only use anti-dandruff shampoo.

Source: preventionindonesia.com

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