29 June, 2010

5 Hair Style Romantic & How to Make

Summer is characterized by a joyous moment, the flowers are blooming and the warm air. Hair also needs to express the joy of summer.

Simple reflection of the hair style, Flirty and romantic to the hairstyle often decorate the stage for a fashion show runway summer. But the natural and permanent efortless created in the restructuring.

1. Hairdo 'come off'
Messy bun / hair come off a bit messy to be deliberately arranged the perfect appearance. Hair styles are suitable for everyday performance and style at the office. This style is not sexy and feminine eliminate the impression to come to special events from a woman.

Ponytail your hair, then wrap the hair into clumps, then you can bind with rubber or clamped to incorporate the remaining hair.

2. Wavy hairstyle
Messy hairstyle or messy impression of being an idol for this year. Like the impression of waves that look a bit messy. When finished washing my hair, dry hair with a hair dryer, then use styling products hair. Make waves with hair curling iron, and locks with a comb your hair using your fingers.

3. The braid hairstyle
Romantic impression may be created from hair braid techniques. For that you want to leisurely stroll, hair braids and add the cap. Voila! casual look directly up with this style.

4. Side ponytail hairstyle
Side ponytail success to you who want a stylish casual and playful, even suitable also for appearances on a date with a romantic partner. To create more stunning hair, wash your hair then wear mousse. After that blow-dry your hair with a hair dryer.

5. Half ponytail hairstyle

Bind half of hair and hair still dangling from the bottom of the feminine and sexy effect. Hair like this is not difficult. Take the top of your hair and ponytail or hair clips. Again curling iron becomes a loyal friend in your hair, create a ripple effect on the bottom of the hair with the styling tool.

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