31 May, 2010

The way stained Proper Hair Care

Getting the right hair color and fit is not always easy. In fact, it may take several times experimenting with changing hair color until you find a hair stylist who is very skilled in hair coloring. So, if your hair has found a 'soul mate' right colors, it's time you know the latest tricks to keep her, so her hair is always healthy and long lasting luster and color.

Wash with COLD WATER
Getting the hair color with beautiful highlights not easy or cheap. So, treat your hair like your favorite new item, with special attention.
Avoid washing your hair 24 hours after staining. Do not use hot water to wash your hair as this will further open the hair cuticle and reducing humidity.

Keep moisture levels
Tend to have dyed hair drier. So, never forget to give a hair conditioner after each wash to keep the strands of hair that had not dry and cracked.

Hair color fade quickly? Do not worry, keep his pants with color color enhancer containing a conditioner. These products contain dyes, so make sure you choose the appropriate hair color. After washing hair with shampoo, rubbed color enhancer to taste. Leave it for 50-10 minutes, then rinse.

Scintillation FOR HAIR COLOR
Use a special lotion to keep the sheen hair after shampooing. This fluid is similar to the conditioner, but especially not dampen the function but coated strands of hair so the color remains the prime and beautiful glow.

Drying naturally it would be better, because the hair is not exposed to excessive heat. But, if you must go immediately on the move with dry hair, use hair dryer certainly inevitable. The trick, play hair dryer temperature. First, use a cold temperature so that the cuticle closed

Choose the product for less contaminating sprayed hair. If you are afraid of hair damaged by daily hit of hair styling products and hair dryer, while you also want a curly hair style every day, trying to do perming or curly hair. Choose the type of ceramic perm, because the drugs used are more secure, and wavy curly hair style will add volume and texture to sharpen hair color.

Clearly express your wishes, such as hair cuts are popular, your favorite colors, to your makeup style. This is important so they get a true picture to choose the right colors, so you pleased with the results of coloring.


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