28 May, 2010

3 Step Healthy & Shiny Hair

Shining hair is a reflection of healthy hair! Did you know that the hair cuticle smooth, it will look more shiny hair? When the hair cuticle is damaged, the light will be absorbed into the cracks of damaged hair and make hair look dull. Therefore, you need to fill these gaps and using appropriate techniques to soften the hair cuticle so that seems to glow. Here are three simple steps that can help you get your hair shine!


Step 1: Cleansing

Before you get shiny hair, you need to clean the hair out of all the filth that comes from hair products collected from time to time. Use a deep-cleansing shampoo once a week. Begin by applying a conditioner and then proceed to apply the deep-cleansing shampoo only at the roots, then rinse hair with cold water to help protect and soften the cuticle.

Step 2: Preparation

Apply anti-frizz serum. Make sure you browse all strands of hair at the time of applying fine-toothed comb to use. This will ensure that the cracks filled with moisture on the hair when you begin to blowdry. Complete this step by applying a volumizing spray to get the hair looks more volume.

Step 3: Finish and hairdo

Use a blow-dryer with a downward airflow. Finish with dry your hair with a hair dryer cold temperature, and then apply the spray or spray Hine frizz serum for the sparkling final results.