18 May, 2010

Face Smoother Free dirty With Carrots

Skin problems can actually be handled by routine maintenance. For example, with diligent treatment with masks from natural materials, such as carrot mask.
Famous carrot for this eye health, ate beneficial for the skin, including black and eliminate blemishes. The materials need to be prepared are:

1. 2-3 carrots
2. 5 tablespoons honey

Mash the carrots with the blender. Mix with honey. Apply on face and allow it to 10-15 minutes. Then wash with cold water.

Types orange vegetables are rich in vitamins A and C. Not only that, but carrots also contain phosphorus, sodium, calcium and magnesium.

Besides the contents listed. Carrots also contain lycopene is efficacious for preventing damage to skin cells to die. Betacarotene contained in carrots is also working to make the skin to keep them fresh and

How many carrots are not the properties for the skin? By taking a little time for this treatment, you'll get the perfect skin.

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