21 May, 2010

Prevent Hair Loss

His hair is a crown for every woman. While men often have problems with baldness. Hair loss is one problem that often happens to us. To fix this, try a few tips:

1. Avoid combing hair while wet.
Just let your hair dry naturally. Wet hair is more easily separated if you are interested in a little. Habit of combing your hair when wet must stop start treating and caring for your hair.
2. Select a comb with a serrated rare.
If you use a scarf or hat to wear, you should comb your hair first. This will make your hair more neatly maintained well can blood circulation in the head.

3. Do not be too often use the hair dryer or hairdryer.
If you're forced to use it should use a low temperature. Note also the distance with a hair dryer. Try distance of about 10-15 cm from the hair shaft. Frequency of dry hair will make your hair moisture damage.

4. Menggerai frequently or break your hair.
Especially when you sleep. Eliminate habits hair tied or clamped firmly. It can make your hair brittle and fall out. Besides the custom of tying hair may make your hair growth is not good.

5. To maintain the hair moisture, we recommend using protective headgear such as a scarf, hat or umbrella when you are in the sun.

6. To be more healthy hair and also look fashionable, frequent change parts of the lines and style your hair. Change the hemisphere to avoid the same scalp exposed to the sun in a long time. This can prevent hair loss slowly.

7. Perform special treatment on the hair at least once a minimum of two weeks. Do creambat activities, masks and hair spa to beautify and nourish your hair.

You crave a beautiful and healthy hair? Follow our tips to start now. Wait what?

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