16 May, 2010

Areas massaged Eye To Remove Fatigue

Fresh eyes without drowsiness impression can be obtained with a variety of ways. One of them by way of massaging. Massage in the eye will make the muscles loosen and relax around him. Eyes will look more fresh.

Massaging their own eyes can be done in an easy way. Here are the steps,

1. First of all, massage your eye brows, and apply a little pressure on the bone temple. Massage of the end of the eyebrow in the (near nose) outwards. Do it for one minute.

2. Massage gently around the eye with a finger bone. Do it slowly about one minute.

3. With your thumb, press the tip of the eye (near your nose). Press and pull back. Do it five times.

4. With the index finger, press the tip of the eyes on the outside. Press and release again. Do it five times.

5. Use jaru mothers to massage the back of the neck. Massage from bottom to top direction. We get to the top (near the head), press area, and remove it again. Do as much as five times.

6. Forward massage to the bottom of the ear. Gently massage the area behind the ears from top to bottom. Do it for one minute.

Massage massage-line will make the muscles of your eyes become strained and tired, more relaxed. More fresh eye sight. In order to feel more comfortable massage, use eye cream or baby oil, but be careful so that the liquid does not enter the eye.

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