09 May, 2010

Beauty Secrets of Various Countries

Although different geographical location, but the women around the world have one thing in common, namely always want to look beautiful. Differences in disposition, habits, circumstances surrounding, and culture, making the problem experienced by every woman's beauty is different. Each issue will find the solution. Check out what solutions the women in other countries in reaching their beauty.

France is very famous for its beauty and its natural beauty, not to mention the women. One of the things about the famous beauty of France is a French Manicure, but poorer women are more often worn in France instead of red nail color. Unfortunately, the dyes used for too long nails can cause yellowing of nails. How they handle it is to soak your nails with a mixture of lemon juice and warm water.

Like other Southeast Asian countries, Singapore has an area of high enough humidity. This condition usually causes hair dry and sticking. To overcome this problem, the women in Singapore rubbing coconut oil on the ends of her hair before bed. Meanwhile, for more luminous skin, the women use the avocado or papaya that has been destroyed, and then affixed to the face for 15 minutes, then rinse. Avocados are rich in oil is good for the skin, while the papaya is rich in papain, an enzyme that mengeksfoliasi dead skin.

The woman uses aloe vera to make hair shine. How to break an aloe stem, rubbing the liquid directly into the scalp, then rinse. In addition to aloe vera, Filipino women have other natural recipes for beauty. They use pieces of ginger and lime to soften rough skin. They mix a quarter cup of grated ginger and a quarter cup of lime which had been cut. Then, rub the mixture into the dry areas of skin.

In Italy, the air can be very strong and makes hair dry. Italian women use egg whites to restore luster and prevent hair damage. To make it, take the taste of egg whites, beat until fluffy, then apply on wet hair. Let stand for 10 minutes, then wash as usual with warm water.

Costa Rica
To shrink the pores that looks great on your face, mix orange juice and water, then use cotton to apply it on face. Take a few moments, then cleaned.

Romanian Women love pretty nails. They are mixing the warm olive oil and a few drops of vitamin A and then rub it on the nail, so much stronger and not easily broken due to drought. They do every two weeks so that stronger and healthier nails.

South Africa
It's not new anymore, women in Africa like to use Shea butter to soften their skin. Often used as a hair mask or leave-in conditioner to cope with drought in the hair. "Butter" is derived from peanuts originating from karite tree which grows in South African savanna.

The women in China believe it will savor the rice water to cleanse the skin of their faces. It is said that rice water has a high antioxidant content, and can prevent premature aging of facial skin.

Women with blond or light brown hair using water immersion as an addition to sparkle daisy hair bounce. Boil one cup of daisies with two cups water for 5 minutes. Allow to cool, remove flowers from the marinade, then pour into the hair that had been washed, and let it dry.

Greece has a very, very in love for the plants for food, as well as beauty. To get the hair shine, volume, and clean the rest of shampoo that had accumulated, Greek women use rosemary plants. The trick, rosemary leaves, boiled with water. Allow to cool, filtered out the rosemary that is in the water, then use this water as a hair rinse.

Mud from the Dead Sea has long been used as a mask for the face and body cleanser. They are filled with mineral mud full of good nutrition for the skin. Usually, the women will cover their bodies with black mud, and then let his body floating in salty water.

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  1. Great post. Some Indonesian women still use natural ingredients to keep their beauty...