24 May, 2010

3 Types of Damaged Hair Care

Beautify hair by hair coloring, waving or straightening do have common women. But without proper care, your beautiful hair can be damaged. Hair will look stiff, dull, branching, and fragile. Use the conditioner, hair vitamins and masks are a few types of treatments you can do to prevent hair damage.


Conditioner function is to moisturize and softens the cuticle (the outside layer of hair) that looks rough. Conditioners can replace the moisture that is reduced each time the hair washing with shampoo. But because of the way this moisturizer work only on the surface of the hair and not into the hair texture, then the less than optimal help damaged hair, whether caused by permed or painted.

There are many different types of conditioners, including conditioners that have been contained in the shampoo, conditioner should be rinsed separately and apart without having to rinse conditioner (leave on).

For this type of separate, you can simply put about a tablespoon of conditioner to the hair shaft. Avoid applying it to the scalp and even by way of massage, as this can make oily hair and dandruff. For hair, dandruff, you should not use conditioner because it will increasingly moisten the hair.

Hair Vitamins

Hair vitamin function almost the same as hair moisturizer, only more intense. This vitamin has the composition and the materials are better than regular moisturizers. This type of treatment is excellent for protecting hair from damage and make hair softer and lustrous. But nature was to protect and not to restore or repair damaged hair hair structure.

Hair Masks
Hair mask function is to strengthen and give softness to the hair by providing nutrients to the hair shaft highest. Hair masks can meet the many nutrients needed damaged hair. In addition to containing much more moisturizers, masks also play a role of keratin in the hair shaft to replace, especially on damaged hair that has been lost due to chemical processes and free radicals. Keratin is a collection of fiber or fibers that contain lots of protein.


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