17 May, 2010

Eliminate Fur interfere With Laser Hair Removal

Eliminate the fine hair on the body not only be done by waxing or shaving. New methods that you could try is 'Laser Hair Removal'.

Growth of fine hair on the arms, legs, face and in the region often disturbing look feminine. Laser hair removal is permanent solution to eliminate it.

Laser hair removel is a fairly safe procedure to be applied. The dermatologist has used this method for years. Current methods of laser hair removal flourished.

At first laser hair removal only works for people who are skinned and have light hair color. But with the development, this method will now be able to remove the hair was dark and could be used for all skin types.

How It Works
The workings of hair removal using laser light in which light waves into leather. Then disable the lasers are in the cycle of hair growth. Because hair growth cycle at different times, then require a few treatments for optimal results.

The Side Effects
You will experience little pain during treatment. But this is not too painful as waxing. You also can directly move afterwards. Mild redness and swelling after the laser is a natural thing. Usually only lasts one to two days. You can use ice cubes to rub the skin area red and swollen.

If you are interested in doing this care, go directly to consult an expert to get further treatment.

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  1. The manager I spoke with during my consultation told me that I should be done with laser treatments by my 6th session, but did warn me that results vary and that for some people it takes 10 to 12 sessions to see permanent results. She also told me that I have to come to the sessions with the treatment area already shaved or be charged $35 for the service.

    Laser Hair Removal