15 May, 2010

Simple Ways Stunning Show

What woman does not want to look beautiful and physically attractive? Any way will do. Ranging from plastic surgery, collagen injections, or give supertebal face with makeup. However, sometimes supertebal makeup just does not make appearances become more beautiful or interesting, even just reduce the value of your appearance. That's why you need to know how the trick using the right makeup to produce the perfect makeup.

Who is not familiar with the foundation? Things that one is one of the most important thing for you fans of cosmetology. Foundation is the foundation of your makeup. Choosing the color of the foundation could not careless. The color should match the color of your skin tone, do not be too bright or too dark. Make sure your face is not oily after using foundation. The trick is to put a tissue on the face. But do not be swiped or rubbed yes. -Press pressed it gently. When applying blush on, make sure you apply it only on the part of your cheekbone. Make gradual gradations of color.

For the results of a more natural makeup, you can use loose powder or pollen type and apply it using a large brush. Make sure the powder you can buy one with the skin and does not clot on top of your skin.

To refine your final appearance, select the right lipstick color according to the event. For natural acaram day, you can choose bold lipstick color or a dark color, while for daytime, choose soft colors.

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