15 May, 2010

Big mistake in Dress

Make-up is one thing to support each woman's appearance. But when the make-up is used wrong, it will look weird. Here are a few mistakes when grooming you need to know.

1. Uneven skin color
When wearing foundation and powder, make sure to wear it with the average of the facial skin to the neck and ears. Do not let the ears and skin of your neck look more black than facial skin. You'll look ridiculous and like wearing a mask.

2. Color collision
Now it's time minimalist makeup and nude shades that to be excellent. Stir to mix color palettes that do not fit on the face, not a wise choice. In the era of the 80s make-up color lights up with bright red lip color counterparts are so excellent. But now the make-up method is no longer a trend.

3. Make-up not completed
Lock-ups in bermake, do not bear-tangung. If you decide to wear eyeliner, mascara should use also to emphasize the eyelashes. If not, the look on your face would be weird.

If you want to apply make-up a little weight, no problem for a unified padannya pas. But if the minimalist makeup that you choose, we recommend using just talcum powder, blush on, mascara also lip balm.

4. Shaved eyebrows
Eyebrows are necessary for the appearance of a maximum dirapihkan. However, to shave down the right was not an option. If you want to shave halis, should clean up the feathers on the bottom, top and middle brows just a mess. Let the basic form remains visible eyebrow. Then please affirmed shape with eyebrow pencil.

Do not shave off your eyebrows will also make it easier when trying to appear innocent without make-up. Imagine if you come up with a bald brow. Weird is not it?

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